Decorating Icing **Method of Serving Fat**

SUPER SIMPLE!!!  I have a few icing recipes to share considering the “holidays” are right around the corner!  This is the easiest icing recipe possible in the world of keto.  The best part about it is, it’s ALL fat and can bump up the ratio of baked goods, allowing you to make a lower ratio recipe and use the icing as the main source of fat.  That is exactly what I did with the cookies pictured.  I made Tiffany’s wonderful coconut flour cut out cookies that are about 2.5:1.  With the icing added on the top of the cookies, I was able to bring the ratio all the way up to 3.5:1. I topped it all off with colored Truvia for sprinkles (you can also color almond flour if you want to avoid sweeteners). Please don’t laugh at my decorating…  I do NOT have a steady hand for small details!

The icing acts very similar to powdered sugar glaze.  It is just thick enough to pipe shapes around the edges of cookies, but not so thick that it holds a shape.  It sits on the cookies at room temperature great, it will not soak into the cookie… provided it’s not 90 degrees in the room!   When you put it in the refrigerator it will harden up enough that you can stack the cookies without the icing smudging (thanks to the coconut oil).

The best part is… this has been added to the keto calculator as a recipe!  That means you can mix up a big batch of icing and factor it into another baked good recipe much easier.  The cookies in the picture are small 1 inch size cookies.  The whole plate worked out to be a 150 calorie snack including the icing.  I ended up using about 10g of icing just to give you a reference.  You can find the icing in the FAT section of the keto calculator.  It is labeled “Icing-20gm 40% cream + 10gm melted coconut oil”

I hope you like this technique and it helps get your kids through the food laden holiday seasons!

Ratio OVER 19:1


2 parts 40% heavy cream

1 part melted coconut oil

sweeten as desired

This can be 2g cream to 1g oil OR  2 cups cream to 1 cup oil, only the proportion of cream to oil matters, not how much you mix up at once.  I recommend mixing up 20g of cream and 10g coconut oil just to see how much it “looks” like.  Then you can judge how much you would want to include in your recipe.


Let the cream come to room temperature.  warm the coconut oil until melted but NOT hot.

Mix the cream, oil and sweetener together until it is completely combined.

If the mixture becomes very think and the coconut oil is lumpy, sit the bowl containing the icing into a slightly larger bowl filled with warm water.  Continue to stir the icing until it is very smooth and completely incorporated.

Scoop the icing into a small plastic baggie and snip a very tiny corner off.  Use the baggie as a piping bag to decorate the cookies.  Sprinkle the cookies with colored Truvia if desired.


If the icing seems too thin, let it sit in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden up a little.

You can use any cream, but the ratio will be different depending on the amount of fat in the cream.

You can also use coconut milk if you need a dairy free version.


  1. Do you usually refrigerate your cookies and if so do you ever have trouble with e colored truvia getting watery on top of the cookie? That is what happens with mine and then the colored sugar runs off the sides of the cookie…Ugh! Like keto cooking doesn’t take enough time and then have that happen! Hope you can help

    • Hi mandi,
      Yes, I do refrigerate most cookies, especially if they have the decorating icing made from heavy cream. I think your problem may be letting the cookies come back to room temp after storing them in the fridge. From my experience, Truvia will not dissolve in fat very well which is why it is able to sit ontop the icing made from almost 100% fat. If any moisture ( water) comes in contact with Truvia, the Truvia will dissolve immediately. It may be possible the cookies are creating their own condensation either while still in the frige (wrapped up too tightly with plastic wrap?) or while tey are warming back up. Try keeping them in the fridge, loosely covered and eating them immediately after taking them out of the fridge (that’s what happens here). Let me know if that works!

      • I use India tree food coloring and can’t use truvia so I use organic pure sugar cane and I do let the cookies come completely to room temp and within 2 hrs after icing and putting in fridge and uncovered like u said its watery….ugh!

      • Hi Mandi, I think the issue is the pure sugar, it dissolves very easily in water based liquids. If you need the real sugar to lower a ratio, than I would just try using the decorating sugar that is already colored. It may hold up a little better for you, other than that, I really don’t know how to help since I have never tried with real sugar!

      • Unfortunately that is why I am trying to color my own because the only type of dye she can have is food based and the only sugar is organic pure cane or stevia

  2. The icing is such a great idea and tastes delicious. I mixed up a 20g/10g batch as you suggested and it had a nice consistency. As I was piping it onto my cookie, the icing turned from a nice thick consistency to very runny. Have you ever had this happen? Maybe holding the bag in my hand warmed up the oil too much? I only had it in my hand for less than a minute. Any advice? Thanks, Chau

    • Hi chau, so sorry I didn’t see this comment! Yes, the icing can be very temperature sensitive. The coconut oil will melt above 75 degrees, so a nice warm 98 degree hand will warm it pretty quickly! I like to use syringes for this recipe when I am decorating, I’m not actually holding it as close to my skin. I also just do a “glaze” by pouring it over whatever I have, that is much quicker!

  3. Dawn, brilliant again! I think your icing is brilliant- I don’t see the problem! do you know anyone that has tried it with coconut milk? I have do it dairy free, so it will be interesting.

  4. Since my son cannot tolerate coconut oil, can you recommend a substitute? Not sure if any oil would work as well… perhaps shortening or butter? Thanks!

    • Hi Lori, I have not tried shortening or butter, but I think shortening would be a good choice to try. The most important part is to make sure the two ingredients are completely combined. If you try this, please comment again to let me know how it turns out. Good luck!

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