Please shop our favorite keto kitchen and personal care items! Everything on this page is something I love and has worked well for us. They are our most favorite and helpful keto kitchen and personal care items. I purchased everything with my own money and do not accept free products in exchange for recommendation or endorsement! I just want to share what has made our lives easier and more enjoyable! I may receive a small commission from programs like Amazon Associates. This goes towards website fees to keep KetoCook live!

I love to support small businesses and made in USA products. I will often spend more on a quality item, but everything that comes into my house is intended to last for a very long time or significantly perform better than a budget buy. Some things are just life changing! I do my best to always shop around for the best deals and if possible, I will include a savings link for something I recommend.
Girly Stuff

Think BTWN

Think BTWN has been so helpful! While the price is quite high, I personally think it is worth every penny to not have leaks and the worry of potential leaks. How I wish these existed when I was a teenager!

This link will give you $10.00 off.

Hair Washing Station

Another life saver! Charlotte requires help washing her hair. This fits under our bathroom sink and is tremendously helpful. I am able to keep the water off her face, and she always says she feels like she is at the hair salon. It’s a win, win!

Norwex Facial Pads

Charlotte has a very intense water aversion and can not tolerate any water near her face. This has made life quite challenging when it comes to caring for teenager skin issues. These Norwex pads are small, about 2 x 2 inches. She is able to wash her face without feeling like the rag is dripping or covering her nose and mouth. They wash up great in the small pouch.

Hair Towel Scrunchie

This is a scrunchie that helps dry your hair fast! Charlotte is able to easily tie her hair into a “messy bun” and these prevent the back of her pajamas getting soaked right before bed. Much easier than trying to wrap a towel around her hair!


The BEST Lancets!

Blood Glucose Tracker

I have used the Precision Extra for 10+ years and it is like old reliable! Our health insurance reimburses the cost for test strips, so make sure you investigate that with your company!

10ml Syringes


I strive to buy and feed my family, even my non-keto son, the least processed foods as possible. We definitely enjoy some highly processed items, but we do try to limit these, especially for Charlotte. Some of these items fall into the category of “packaged convince foods”, like the olives. Sometimes convince just wins! Fun packaging is always helpful for Keto Kids, it makes meals just a little for enjoyable 🙂
Favorite Foods