Gelatin Skeleton Bone Jellies

I saw this candy making set in my local craft store, it included the chocolate,  but I bought it just for the bone molds!  I thought this would be an easy Halloween treat to make using heavy cream and unflavored gelatin.  It has the advantages of being an all-in-one snack, school friendly and super fun for Halloween! You still have time to order the molds on-line from here if you are not able to find them in the stores.  Here is a link to the same kit on Amazon, just in case you want faster shipping.  Any other candy mold will work, I like the bone and ghost shapes since they are intended to be white in color.

This recipe was designed to fill the skeleton mold exactly.  You can adjust the numbers up or down depending on how much you want to make.  You could serve this in small 50 calorie snacks if you need to.  Use a little sweetener of your choice and flavor it with a drop of pure extract in a flavor that you like as well.

254 calories for the entire recipe

4:1 ratio


63g 40% heavy cream

28g water

4g Knox Unflavored Gelatin


1 drop of extract for flavor


Lightly grease the candy molds with a plain flavor oil.  Do not use coconut oil since it hardens as it cools!

Weigh the heavy cream and water in a small microwave safe measuring cup with a spout (like a 1 cup glass Pyrex liquid measuring cup)

Heat the cream and water in 30 second intervals until it is very hot.

Pour the powdered gelatin, sweetener and extract into the hot cream and water mixture.  Stir until the gelatin is completely dissolved.  This may take a few minutes for all the lumps to soften and incorporate.

Pour the gelatin into the molds.  Carefully move the molds to the refrigerator and allow them to harden, about 1 hour.  Remove the gelatin from the mold and lay the pieces on wax, parchment, foil or plastic baggies.  Cover in an air tight container and store in the refrigerator if not serving immediately.

The skeleton pictured is on a full size cookie sheet (it takes up 90% of the cookie sheet) to give you a reference of the overall size of the recipe.


For lower ratios, decrease the amount of cream and increase the water.  Keep the total volume of liquid the same as the original recipe.  You could also experiment with using milk or coconut milk for lower ratios.


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