High Fiber Rolls from the *3rd International Symposium*

Hello from The Charlie Foundation’s  Third International Symposium: Dietary Therapy for Epilepsy & Other Neurological Disorders!

I have been on the quest to make ketogenic bread since The Keto Cookbook.  I FINALLY figured out a recipe that not only provides much-needed fiber, but is super easy to modify for ANY RATIO!  These can be made from 4:1 all the way down to MAD (about 1.25:1).  They look like whole wheat or rye, but they have a very mild, neutral flavor.  The texture is almost exactly like regular bread, chewiness and all!  Feel free to experiment with seasonings… I like cinnamon and a little stevia or garlic powder and italian herbs.  I hope you all like them as much as we do!

You can find the complete recipe at The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe section.

So head on over to the Charlie Foundation to get this recipe and many more.  Don’t forget to follow The Charlie Foundation on Facebook andTwitter for up to the minute information!


  1. Hi Dawn
    The recipe is in the ketocalculator now. Yay! I have one question though. For some reason, as I am obsessively watching them cook, I see that the oil is leaking out onto the parchment paper. I’m hoping as it cools it will reabsorb, but since there is no mention of this, I am assuming that maybe I did something wrong? Because my dietician recommended starting my son (just turned 3 yesterday) out at only 1 gm psyllium husk and working up to 2, I divided the mixture into 12 rolls. I’m wondering if that was too much handling? Has this ever happened to you when making these? Thanks so much!!!

    • Hi Julie,
      I think you may have let them sit a little too long after mixing them up. Look at the post of the coconut flour rolls, I noticed this happening when I let the dough sit on the counter for a while after mixing it up. It is best to put them in the oven within a few minutes after mixing. For the 4:1 rolls, you do see some bubbling going on around the bases, but not a significant amount. I hope this helps!

  2. Made this recipe today and cooked it in a belgian waffle maker. Entire recipe made one big which my daughter LOVED!!.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I have e-mailed the webmaster over at the CF site to correct the number of oil grams in the 4:1 ratio recipe. The correct number should be 35g of oil for 4:1. I am glad you guys caught this!
    Best to wait until the rolls are added to the ketocalc if that is what your dietitian prefers! I will let you know as soon as the recipes are added.

  4. hi dawn, on the charlie foundation website you note the amount of carbs, protein and fat but this works out to a 3.5:1 ratio not 4:1— was this a typo? thanks!

  5. Ok, I hate to ask this as I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but here goes…Is this recipe in Ketocalculator somewhere to be able to work it into a snack or meal? I looked and couldn’t find it. If not…How do I use the recipe to work a single roll into a meal or snack? For the info…I’m in the mindset of something like the flaxbread or the chocolate brownies where we make a batch, then weigh out an amount specific to the meal. Am I being too complicated?? 😀 You’d think after 2+ years, I’d have this stuff down. Thanks for your input! You are much appreciated!!

    • No, you are not missing something! The recipe is not yet in the keto calculator. It will eventually be added though. For now, you calculate a meal MINUS the number of calories per roll. Then you serve the roll with the meal. Just make sure you are making the correct ratio roll! Hope that helps!

      • Well, it looks like I’ll either be waiting for it to be added to the KC or see if I can figure out how to make individual muffins work. Talking with our dietician, we decided my girl is too sensitive to put it into a meal the way you describe. She’s allowed others to do it who were less sensitive, but we have to be so precise at our house. Bummer!
        Also, when I did enter it into the calculator to play around, I started with your exact recipe and had the same issue as Chau…some of the numbers didn’t match up, including ratio…. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the recipes, the site, and ALL! God bless!

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