Apple Cinnamon Doughnut Holes from the *3rd International Symposium*

Hello from The Charlie Foundation’s  Third International Symposium: Dietary Therapy for Epilepsy & Other Neurological Disorders!


  1. Can these be done lke a muffin in the oven?? Dont have a doughnut hole maker. Thanks,Jordan(Sawyer)

    • Absolutely. Generally, muffins take about 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Thats just a guideline, you may have to experiment a little!

      • It is currently not in the ketocalc. You are able to use a “pinch for free” otherwise, calculate cinnamon for a more precise calculation. I will work on getting pumpkin pie spice added to the keto calc!

  2. I am a (newly turned) 50 year old woman and I have been on the ‘Modified Atkins Diet’ for a year now and I’m happy to say I’ve only had one seizure, woohoo!! I am also so happy to find so many new recipes on this website.

    Being an adult on the MAD diet I do not have to weigh my ingredients to the gram, which I’m very thankful for, but I think I just might invest in a scale to help me in making some of these great recipes. I find myself getting in a rut making the same things so it’s nice to find SO MANY great recipes. Thank you so much to all of the contributors here♥

    • You are welcome! I try to measure MAD recipes in common measurements, but having been trained the “keto” way, I find it very hard for me to do accurately! You can find cheep scales in stores (I have often seen gram scales in Kohl’s for some reason) I am glad you are finding success with the diet! Best of luck to you.

  3. Should I do a whole vanilla bean sliced open in a 14 oz jar of coconut oil? I am confused on how coconut oil to let steep

  4. What do you think I could take out or add in to lower ratio but not change the consistency too much…..also I have a donut maker how full should I fill if using that instead of cake pop maker?

    • I would eliminate some of the fat and increase the applesauce. Fill the doughnut maker almost to the top of the mold as well. I hope they turn out!

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