Coconut Flour Rolls

It has been a VERY busy week!  Appointments with the new keto team, Halloween keto food prep, Halloween parade at school today and not to mention hurricane Sandy devastating my home town! I am safely on the opposite side of the country, but all my family is in southern NJ and they really took a hard hit.  For all of the keto families in the hurricane ravaged area, I’m interested to know how well you were able to manage during the hurricane… Did you lose power? What did you do to prep keto meals? How did you cook them? Would you do anything differently to prepare next time around? Please share how you prepped and got through a hurricane and possibly no power in relation to the keto diet!

Here is another version of bread or rolls for you!  I tried this with coconut flour and it worked beautifully.  The coconut flour and psyllium husks work so well to absorb all of the fat.  This bread does not feel greasy or oily at all.  I did not try 4:1 ratio, but I suspect there will be no problem with it holding the fat at all.  One strange note… Don’t let the dough sit too long after mixing it up, 5 minutes is all it needs.  I let a batch sit on the counter for about an hour after mixing it up and while the oil initially absorbed into the dough, it ended up “leaking” back out.  I have no idea why!  When I baked that batch, all the oil cooked out of the rolls and I could not serve them.  When you bake them right after mixing, not one drop of oil will cook out….They are DRY. So go with cooking right after mixing, just to be safe.

Makes 4 Rolls (You can easily divide this into smaller rolls for less carbohydrate and calories)

3:1 Ratio

6.17g Protein

3.7 Carbohydrates

306 Calories


150g raw egg, mixed well

100g olive oil

41g coconut flour

12g psyllium husks, whole or powder

1g baking powder

1g baking soda

1 teaspoon salt


**Please read our Disclaimer First!**

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.

Weigh the eggs and mix them well.  Set aside.

Weigh the oil in a small mixing bowl.  Add the coconut flour, psyllium husks, baking powder, baking soda and salt to the olive oil.  Stir very well to combine and make sure all the lumps have dissolved.

Add the eggs to the olive oil mixture and continue to stir.

Let the dough “rest” for about 5 minutes to stiffen up a little.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Divide the dough into 4 even portions.  Weigh each portion to make sure the dough is divided equally (Total weight of ingredients divided by number of servings= weight of each roll before cooking)

Wet your hands and shape each roll into a smooth ball.  You can flatten them into “flatbread” shapes or keep them in a classic “dinner roll” shape.  I have even tried soft pretzel shapes, but the dough is a little to soft to shape into a pretzel easily.

Bake the rolls for about 30 minutes until they are dry.


The recommended dose for psyllium husks for 6-12 year olds is 1 teaspoon or 3 grams.  This is how much psyllium is in each roll if 4 servings is made.  Do not exceed 3g of psyllium husks at one time and be sure to drink plenty of water.  Psyllium is a “bulking agent” and expands when combined with liquid and helps to ease constipation and irregularity by adding volume to BM’s.  In this recipe, the psyllium is already hydrated by the eggs and oil so the potential for choking and intestinal blockage is minimized.  However, please consult your dietitian before you include psyllium husks in your child’s diet, do not exceed more than the recommended dose of psyllium, and follow all precautions listed for using psyllium husks.

For lower ratios, reduce the oil to meet you ratio… replace the amount of reduced oil with water.


  1. Made these with a few modifications to fit my own nutritional strategy. Was VERY happy. The dough actually “rose”, unlike many other “bread” recipes I’ve tried from other sites. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you so much! I just tried these and they are awesome. 🙂 I increased oil to 140g to make it 4:1 and it worked well. 🙂

  3. Okay, just made those as a lunch snack. Shape and texture wee great, took a bite and MAN, were they SALTY. Are you sure there needs to be 1 whole teaspoon of salt in the recipe ? I will definitely make them again, but with MUCH LESS salt. 🙂

  4. i tried 150 ground eggs but it was just a mess with egg shells everywhere. I think it would work better with just 2 eggs without the shells.

    • Sorry it was a mess 🙁 The difference between 2 eggs and 150g of eggs is only about 1 more egg. You must also give the coconut flour time to absorb the liquid.

  5. Dawn what did i do wrong? When I pulled mine out there was no fluffyness at all. They tasted nice but were more of a cookie/biscuit texture and not bready at all. Also there was a lot of oil that leeched out of the rolls and puddled up on my baking sheet. any thoughts?

  6. hate to be a pest, but all these grams an such are a pain to figure out. Is there a chance that a version could be put up with imperial measurements? ie. 150g of egg, how many eggs is that? 100g of olive oil, how many cups is that? Why do i have to go buy a scale and do everything by weight? Bakers and cooks have been using cups, teaspoons, tablespoons and fractions thereof for centuries. Why can’t you?

    • Hi Grant,
      I know grams are a pain to figure out for most people, however the recipes found on this site are created for a very special population of people, kids on the ketogenic diet to control epilepsy. Please read the disclaimer for a little more info, but the diet is required to be so precise in the amount of calories & fat to protein/carbohydrate ratio that all recipes are calculated in a software program and then weighed on a gram scale so the exact nutrition numbers can be met. There are other less strict form of the diet, such as modified Atkins (MAD) that use common measurements, but again… the recipes on this site are intended for those on the classical form of the ketogenic diet for epilepsy.

  7. I am going to try using these for a cheeseburger. Thin beef patty, cheese and heat these rolls up on the pan with butter. I need to get in 600 calories per meal for my 15y/o. Does anyone have any other interesting uses for these? French toast? Can we get these into the ketocalculator? I see there are similar flax rolls in the calculator.

    • I will see if they can be added to the ketocalc… You could use this in place of any bread I think french toast would be great! I might try that later this week.

    • Yes, I would recommend spreading the batter into a thin circle on a piece of parchment paper. Keep an eye on the baking, it may not take as long!

  8. Dawn, it would be so great to get these rolls added to the ketocalculator like oopsie or flax bread. Have you talked with Beth about the possibility?
    thanks, Sarah

  9. What is the difference between whole and powdered husks? Would you use them the same way and way them out the same?

  10. hi Dawn, did you use Bob’s Red mill organic Coconut flour? I have had immense trouble getting the carb,fibre,fat and protein amounts. Is the information in your ketocalculator? if it is would you mind sending me the information? funny request I know. I have the info for 14g but I was concerned wasn’t accurate enough.

    • Hi Mary-Anne,
      Yes I use the Bob’s Red Mill brand, and it is in my version of the keto calculator. all items in the calculator are added per 100g. Here is a link to the nutrition label, hope that helps

      • thanks Dawn, the reason I had asked is we don’t use the ketocalculator at our hospital here in Sydney. I think no one in Australia uses it, as our products are so different to yours? Anyway, that is why I have been a little on the edge of crazy for the last few months, each parent here in Australia has to make and create everything from scratch, no help from ketocalculator or dietitian(though my dietitian is fabulous). so thanks !

  11. Hi Dawn! Where are you from in NJ? I grew up in Brick, NJ (near Point) and it’s just demolished. Right now I live in a suburb outside of Manhattan and we are still without power. It has been a struggle maintaining keto diet that is for sure. Our neighbor has a generator and kept meals for us which we are so thankful for but still many challenges. Frozen spinach egg cups defrosted in simmering water on the stove (still in silicone!), weighing out egg and avocado by candlelight when in a pinch…
    Today we left to stay with friends in PA and I am cooking away; may not have power until Nov 9th! We also have compounded meds which require refrigeration and are expiring this week. Playing phone tag with neuro to get this squared away. We will be better prepared next time, but certainly happy we had so many meals prepared in advance and frozen.

    • Hi Meghan,
      I am from Cape May county area, but I live in California now! I would love to have you help with a post about dealing with power outages and such. Please e-mail me when you are back home and settled. I hope all is well with getting the meds that you need, and power restored to your house. I am thinking about you and all the other families that have been displaced!

      • Hi Dawn, We are back home with power. I will email you soon; need to get caught up on work (i work from home). Slacking majorly 🙂

  12. Dawn: What is the purpose of the psyllisum? Is it possible to make the rolls with out it – what would happen? Susie

    • The purpose of the psyllium is to help absorb and hold the oil! It also contributes to improving the texture of the bread and replacing some of the gluten properties that make bed flexible, fluffy, and slightly chewy. I do not know how this recipe would turn out without the psyllium, but I would suspect that it would be much more dense, and more “quick bread” like in texture (like a muffin). The psyllium is not anything to be afraid of, it is added to many commercial brands of bread as well.

    • Hi Tonya,
      I would describe the flavor as very similar to wheat bread, but a little sweeter. The coconut flour contributes to the sweetness, but it does not have a coconut flavor. The texture is almost exactly like regular bread, but not quite as “airy” and fluffy. It is very flexible and moist.

  13. Hi Dawn,

    WOW!!!! This sounds so good!!!! I want to try to make bread 🙂 When I put it in the 100 g of oil the fat was crazy high.! Is that right? And also can one roll make a small sandwich ?
    Thank you,Jordan

    • The ratio should work out to 3:1 for the recipe listed in this post. It may vary slightly with different calculators and brands of foods chosen, but it should be very close. Yes, one roll will make a very decent size sandwich. These are slightly smaller than a hamburger bun.

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