Pumpkin Custard

An easy and quick way to include a pumpkin dessert or meal into a keto menu.  You can even make this in a large batch! Serve the custard warm, right from the stove top or let it sit int he fridge to thicken up a little more.  Either way you choose, it is delicious!

7.25g Protein

2.62 Carbohydrates

307 Calories

3:1 Ratio


50g raw egg, mixed well

38g 40% heavy cream

19g canned pumpkin puree, unsweetened

10g coconut oil (can substitute butter)

1g pure vanilla extract

0.5g cinnamon

sweetener of your choice

tiny pinch of salt


**Read our DISCLAIMER first**

Weigh and combine all the ingredients.  Stir very well to combine (or you can use a blender for this step!)

Pour the mixture into a small heavy bottom pot.  Turn the stove heat to medium low.

Use a whisk to stir the custard while cooking.  You must stir this constantly while it cooks! If you stop stirring, it will become lumpy.  The goal is to reach around 170 degrees.  At this temperature, it will begin to thicken.

When it has reached the desired thickness, remove from the heat and immediately pour into a cool bowl to stop the cooking process.  It is helpful to weigh the entire batch (after cooking) to determine how much each serving should weigh if you are batch cooking.

Divide the batch into each serving and enjoy!


If your eggs happen to get a little “lumpy” or curdled looking, DON”T panic! Use an immersion blender to smooth it back out.  It will still taste great!


    • Some common substitutes for egg are flax meal, psyllium husks or a corn/potato starch (only if you are at a much lower ratio). I would try golden flax meal first, but it will change the nutrition quite a bit.

      • Thanks so much for response Dawn. I will golden flax. My son is on 3:1 ratio….we started 3-4 months back…but we are not able to find recipes for me him. He cant swallow solids and we are vegetarian (no eggs) that’s why i was looking any pureed or liquid recipe for him. another problem for him is he doesn’t seems to like any recipe which is NOT salty. anything for him seems need to have salt even water. Thanks again for help.

      • No Problem! Please let me know how it turn out. There are a lot of other families out there that avoid eggs and other dairy products. Please share your results so pass the info onto them!

  1. Mary-Anne-Ghee has been a big lifesaver for us in place of butter. I use it quite a bit. I just started experimenting with using the the heavy coconut milk in place of cream. It seems to work okay–my daughter does not seem to notice it. Otherwise, I keep her meals basic–meat, veggie, oil.

  2. I made this for my daughter as I got it in my email update today. She loved it! Thank goodness now I have something I can give her for Thanksgiving dessert. She does not have dairy so I substituted coconut milk for the cream and ghee for the coconut oil. Came out great.

    • Hi Jenah,
      my son doesn’t have dairy and I have found it a real trial. We only started in June this year and I am finding it so difficult. Caspian is only three and has had his language severely affected, so he is unable to tell me what he likes. I would love to find more about what you feed your daughter, cheers Mary-Anne

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