Red, White & Blue(ish) Rocket Popsicle

This is just fruit, oil and cream!  We happen to have the rocket shaped popsicle molds, so I used them to re-create the classic ice cream truck rocket popsicle.  The keto version is all-natural, no fake flavors or colors.  Use any shape popsicle mold to make this.  To figure out how many grams each layer should be, weigh the empty popsicle mold (minus the stick) and zero your scale.  Fill the mold with water and see how many grams it holds.  Divide the total number of grams by 3.   If you need fewer calories, don’t worry if your mixture does not fill the entire mold.  In the end, it does not matter if the mold is under filled since you are using a wooden stick anyway.  My popsicle came out to a little over the 150 calorie mark for a snack, so I took a few calories away from her dinner to compensate. Adjust the amounts to fit your needs.

This popsicle is a little on the “labor intensive” side, but I think it’s worth it for a special summer treat.

Enjoy the last weekend of summer and have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

4:1 ratio

approximately 170 calories


24g 40% heavy cream

18g frozen strawberries, blended smooth

18g frozen blueberries, blended smooth

7.5g coconut oil (or other plain flavor oil)

few drops of vanilla stevia for the cream

wooden popsicle sticks


Allow the frozen fruit to thaw, then blend the fruit in a personal size blender until it is smooth.  Do one fruit at a time and rinse the blender between fruits so the colors don’t mix together. Weigh the needed fruit puree in a small cup.   Weigh the coconut oil in a syringe.  Mix half of the oil in with each fruit.  Weigh the cream in a separate small cup and mix in the stevia if using.  Fill the popsicle mold with the strawberry/coconut oil mixture first.  Put it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.  Next pour the cream mixture on top of the strawberry layer.  Use a pice of foil or plastic wrap to cover the top of the mold tightly.  Cut a slit with a knife and insert the wooden stick so it is submerged in the cream, making sure the stick is up-right.  Return to the freezer and make sure it doesn’t fall over!  Allow the cream to freeze for another 30 minutes (longer is ok).  Last, add the blueberry mixture as the final layer and return to the freezer again.  Make sure it is completely frozen before attempting to remove from the mold.  Run it under hot water to loosen the mold. Use a dish towel to grip the stick if necessary.


For lower ratio’s, eliminate or reduce the coconut oil.

For the lowest ratios, use part whole milk if needed.


  1. when you measure frozen fruit, do you do it frozen or thawed? Is the nutritional info on the package refer to frozen or thawed weight? thanks! chau

    • Hi chau, first of all, sorry for the long delay in responding. Life really took over for a while! I’m sure you have figured this out by now, however… I weigh the fruit while frozen. I believe the data reflects the frozen fruit. If you thaw it and then weigh it, you will need to capture any juices that come out.

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