Medication Reminder

No recipes this week!  Tomorrow is our big meeting at school with Charlotte’s’ whole team and Thursday is the first day of school.  Not only will I be staying with her at school all day for the first week, my 5-year-old is starting kindergarten! So in the meantime, here is a GREAT idea for keeping track of medication doses.  I saw this on Pinterest, and thought it might be worth sharing.  I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t recall if I had given a dose of Charlotte’s Cytra-2 or Carnitor.  For pills, we have this pill organizer which I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT!  For liquid medication, I have to rely on my memory… it often times fails me:)

For a full 30 day chart on the bottle, I would draw a 15 day chart and use a slash (/) for the first 15 days, and add a second slash(\) to make an (X) for the full 30 days.  Put a rubber band around the top of the bottle and clip one of these mini Sharpie Markers to it and you have a complete system (for those of us who forget things)!

Does this help you? Let me know!


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