*Extra Special Treat* Mini Coconut Candy Cone

With my parents visiting, there have been a few extra treats here and there…. Last night we stopped for gelato and Charlotte got this special treat when we got home.  The small mini ice cream cones are made by Joy, they are called Mini Cups.  Here is the link to the company product page, they are the 6th product on the list   http://www.joycone.com/content/retail.  If you are lucky, you can find them in Target and Walmart.  The suggested serving is 3 cones, but for keto purposes one cone is perfect.  They are about 1 3/4 inches high, the one pictured is sitting in a mini cupcake liner.  The nutrition for 1 cone is 5 calories, 1g carb, 0g fiber, sugar & protein.  Each cone weighs on average between 1.3g and 1.5g. It is actually pretty easy to incorporate one of these little cones for a special treat!  Please ask your dietitian before using this product.

The coconut candy is SUPER easy and provides all of the fat without any greasy or oily feel.  It is kind of like an un-cooked coconut macaroon. The coconut candy mixture on its own is also delicious.  I just went with coconut flavor, Sweetleaf has added a new liquid stevia to their line that is coconut flavor so I used 3 drops of that.  I topped it all off with the colored Truvia sprinkles!  This would be a great treat to use at school on the dreaded birthday days if your school allows food.  The entire cone can be made in advance and kept in a freezer.  Allow it to thaw slightly before eating.  It will not get soggy or melt either!

Hope you enjoy!

148 calories

4.02:1 Ratio


16g 40% heavy cream

13g shredded coconut (you need a “fine shred” type like Lets Do Organic)

3 drops liquid stevia, coconut flavor

1 Joy Mini cup Cone (about 1.3g)


In a small bowl mix the cream, coconut and sweetener together.  Blend it very well until all the cream is absorbed and it is cohesive.  Scoop it into the mini cone ( I used a melon baller to get the shape) and decorate with Truvia sprinkles if desired.


For lower ratios, use milk instead of the heavy cream.  You could also just serve fruit on the side.


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