Charlie Foundation International Symposium: Part 2 & other News

I am finally getting back to Part 2 of the Symposium! As I said before, the best part about attending the symposium is meeting the other parents!  No one understands you better than anther keto parent. Suddenly you realize that it is not just you standing in front of the scale, weighing food, calculating meals, and wondering if play dough and bubble liquid is soaking into your child’s skin possibly lowering ketosis!  With that said, start planning and saving for the next symposium which is planned for September 2014 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Christy ( see the pictures below) wrote a wonderful synopsis of both the professional day presentations as well as the family day events.  Click on the links if you would like to read her parent perspective of the content and research that was presented at the symposium.

For other news,  Please take 5 minutes of your time and sign the petition to officially designate March 26th National “Purple Day” to bring awareness to epilepsy.  25,000 signatures are needed by October 12th…there is still a LONG way to go!  So please email this link to all of your friends, post it on your Facebook walls, Pin it, Plus it, blog it, shout it… whatever you have to do to get the word out! Click on the link to sign!

The Charlie Foundation has launched a You Tube channel where you can watch many different videos from the symposium as well as other videos of interest regarding the ketogenic diet.  You can subscribe to the cannel to be updated when new videos are posted.  Click this link to go to the Charlie Foundations You Tube channel.

I am doing some behind the scenes work on ketocook.  In the next few weeks look for new links in the “Places to visit” column on the side of the page.  It will be updated with links to ketogenic diet pages from all over the world!  There will also be a new tab added to the top of the ketocook homepage called “Fundraisers”.  If you sell an item, organize or participate in an event, or have an established organization aimed at raising money, all with the purpose of funding education, research, support or other aspects of epilepsy or the ketogenic diet, please let me know!  I will be able to add it to the permanent page and share the details in regular postings.  Look for this new information soon!

Me and Erin Whitmer. Erin’s upcoming book “Fighting Back With Fat” is available for pre-order at Demos Health Publishing.  Click here to pre-order it today.  The book will be released in December.  Follow her Facebook page as well!
Ready for day 1!
There were a number of posters featuring current and past keto kids. Of course I took a picture of this one! That is my mom, Arlene.
I talked so much I lost my voice the first night! It was so awesome to be able to connect with dietitians from all over the world.
Me and my parents, Greg & Arlene at the Gala.
From left to right, Christy, me, Eli, Talia, Erin
Dinner was great, certainly NOT ketogenic!
Dessert was even better than dinner… Check out the white chocolate Charlie Foundation logo!
It also happened to be my moms birthday… I-phone birthday candle to celebrate the big SIX ZERO!
It was an HONOR to say the least to meet and talk with Millicent Kelly. She began teaching parents how to administer the ketogenic diet starting in the 1940’s at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore, MD.
The next morning, I had breakfast with Dr. Freeman!!! I had the opportunity to personally give him a copy of my book and he signed a copy for me as well.

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