Vanilla Protein Shake

I can not think of an easier, faster breakfast to throw together on a busy school morning.  For this shake, I’m using NOW Foods brand Whey Protein Isolate.  I was resistant to use a protein powder for a long time.  All of the body building associations and advertisements kind of made me hesitant to feed it to my 7-year-old!  After researching whey protein isolate and talking with my dietitian, I felt ok including this in Charlotte’s diet.

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William Wallace Denslow, 1901

Everyone has heard this nursery rhyme  at some point in their life… whey protein isolate is the modern-day version of the meal Little Miss Muffet is eating!  “Whey” is a by-product of cheese making.  “Protein isolate” refers to the process of which the protein is filtered and “isolated” from the liquid to produce an almost pure form of protein that is nearly lactose, carbohydrate, fat and cholesterol free. Here is a link to read further. Do not confuse Whey Protein for Whey Protein Isolate.  Although they are essentially the same product, Whey protein has more carbohydrate than the isolated versions.  Ask your dietitian about including this in your child’s diet.  It is very versatile, you can even bake with it…  I will be posting more recipes utilizing whey protein isolate in the near future!






304 calories

3:1 ratio


108g almond milk, Blue Diamond

32g 40% heavy cream

15g oil, use a flavorless type like sunflower or safflower

8g whey protein isolate, NOW foods brand

3 drops of liquid stevia


Combine all ingredients in a protein shaker or personal size blender.  Shake until well combined.  Add a few ice cubes if using the blender to make a quick “frozen” smoothie.


The protein powder holds onto the oil.  It hides the oil very well and does not have a “greasy” feel to it.

You can make a large batch and weigh individual portions.  Freeze it in popsicle molds!

For higher ratios, you will need to eliminate the almond milk and use just the heavy cream.  You can thin the mixture with water or ice.

For lower ratios, add some frozen fruit or eliminate some of the oil or cream.

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