Salmon & Zucchini Nuggets

Nuggets are one of my standby meals that I throw together when we have leftovers or when I am cooking something that may not be Charlotte’s favorite, like salmon.  Although she will “tolerate” salmon, if I ask her to eat it on its own, chances are meal time will turn out to be long and combative.  If I put something like salmon in a nugget form and give her a pile of sugar-free ketchup, Charlotte is a happy camper and meal time is over in a flash.

This is more of a technique than a recipe.  You can use any meat & veggie combo you want, all you need is a small amount of almond flour (or any other flour you like to use) and a small amount of egg to bind it all together.  I use this method when veggies are involved because the final result reminds me of latkes, and I like to see the veggies stay in-tact. One of the key components to making these less greasy tasting is cooking them on lower heat for a longer amount of time.  Doing this gives the vegetable and egg liquid time to “cook out” and be replaced with some of the fat.  You can chill them after cooking to further solidify the fat.

If I am using only meat, I still recommend using coconut flour / egg whites method  like the chicken nuggets from The Keto Cookbook.  If they are cooked long enough on lower heat, they have a great texture that resembles processed meat and a chicken nugget that all kids know and love ( from the place with golden arches=).

298 Calories

3.5:1 Ratio


16g cooked salmon

26g shredded zucchini

10g raw egg, mixed well

6g almond flour

20g Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

8g oil, use one suitable for frying



Mix all of the ingredients together except for the oil.  Season the mixture well with salt & pepper.  In a small non-stick pan, add the oil and heat it on low heat.  with a scraper, drop the mixture into the pan in bite size nugget shapes.  Scrape all of the mixture out of the bowl!  Fry them on the first side for about 3-5 minutes.  Make sure you heat is low enough that they do not burn.  Flip them over and fry the un-cooked side for another 3-5 minutes until you see them stop bubbling around the edges.  This is when you can be sure that most of the liquid has cooked out.

Remove the nuggets to a serving plate and scrape any remaining oil from the pan on top of the nuggets.  Refrigerate them if you want to solidify the oil a little more.


Calculate in a dipping sauce if your child likes to dip things.  They are great served on their own as well.

I like to send nugget recipes to school for lunch; easy for staff to ensure they are eaten, no spills to worry about and kid friendly!  You may have to use a nut free flour is nuts are an issue at school.


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