Basic Muffins

You can find the complete recipe at The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe section.

This “simple” muffin recipe was not really that simple at all!  It took me 3 days and 5 batches to come up with this version which is by far the best one.  I was trying to re-create a basic quick bread type base with the intention of being able to easily add other ingredients such as cocoa powder, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, blueberries, ect.. without having to guess at recalculating too much.  I also wanted a basic recipe that was good enough to stand on it’s own for those whose kids are not into all the add-ins.

The other great thing about this recipe is by changing out the ground macadamia nuts for ground cashews, you instantly lower that ratio from 4:1 to 2.43:1, providing the base for lower ratio needs. I used all butter in mine because I thought the flavor of butter would be the most appealing.  These can be described as “buttery” but both my husband and myself thought these were very tasty, and Charlotte has asked for them at every meal since I made them.

Lastly, I calculated this with the full intention of baking it in batches.  This is why I am giving the large measurements.  Charlottes calorie needs are 285 per meal, so I divided the recipe into 10 servings (281.9 calories each) to meet her needs.  If you need less calories, just increase the number of servings, for more calories, decrease the number of servings!  You do this by taking the total number of calories for the recipe and dividing by the number of servings, here is an example: total # of calories for the entire recipe (2819)/number of servings (12)=234.9 calories each. You will need at least a 1000g capacity scale to make this large batch!

So head on over to the Charlie Foundation to get this recipe and many more.  Don’t forget to follow The Charlie Foundation on Facebook andTwitter for up to the minute information!

The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe page


  1. […]  The curd would be wonderful served on top of vanilla yogurt or ice cream or you could make the Basic muffins and create a beautiful parfait by cutting the muffins into cubes and layering the curd and whipped […]

  2. My daughter loved the muffins – perfect as an “on the go” snack for her (she is ten). She is on a 2.5:1 ratio so I lessened the butter and added some mini-chocolate chips.

    I was curious about the cider vinegar as an ingredient – unusual for muffins. What made you think to add it? Susie

    • Well, the vinegar was a little experiment… I added it with hopes it would help them rise higher, sometimes you see this in older recipes. The theory is it reacts with the baking soda, but from what I can tell, any reaction happens long before its in the oven, therefore not helping the rise. However, I ened up keeping it in because I liked how the tiny bit of acid flavor cut through all the fat, just adds a little flavor you can’t quite put your finger on! Did you like it? I’m glad your daughter enjoys them!

  3. Thank you! My son started this diet a month ago, and this website has been a complete lifesaver. Mwah! Muffins are one of the only thing he eats, so this is fantastic.

  4. i usually use european butter, would the texture change much if I used the european butter instead? does vanilla change the ratio? i can’t seem to find vanilla in the ketocalculator.

    • vanilla is listed under “extract” in the carbohydrates section. The european butter is fine, less butter is not going to be a problem. I would also suggest adding blueberries since you at at the 3:1 ratio, am I right?? If you want just plain, use a combo of the mac nuts and cashews to get to your ratio.

      • He’s at a 3.5:1 ratio. I just figured in 5 grams of vanilla (that’s probably too much, isn’t it?) and I’m at 3.97:1. I might add some cinnamon since he loves that flavor. the blueberry flavor would be very mild though so that would be more variety too. thanks for your help!

  5. Muffins sound good, but would like to have seen a picture.
    Chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting look great…wonderful picture!

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