Hamburger on a Stick & Broccoli-Slaw

You can find the complete recipe at The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe section.

Forget the buns! Serve food on a stick, it usually goes over pretty well with kids and adults alike.  This is a typical grilled hamburger, deconstructed and put on a stick.  It has all the traditional ingredients, including the pickle on top.  I chose to use mustard as the flavor for the dipping sauce, but you could use sugar-free ketchup, Walden Farms brand BBQ sauce or ketchup, mayonnaise or even ranch dressing.  The mustard dip makes a large portion, so if you’re not a “heavy dipper” I would recommend some fat to be served on the side in a way that you prefer.

A hamburger can not be served without a side dish! I made this broccoli slaw as a different twist on regular coleslaw.  I kept my broccoli raw, but you could lightly steam it to make the broccoli flavor a little more mellow.  Additionally, if pomegranate seeds are not available, use a little shredded apple.

The entire meal pictured is a total of 427 calories and a 4:1 ratio.  The broccoli slaw is a separate recipe from the hamburger and dip.  They do not need to be served together.

So head on over to the Charlie Foundation to get this recipe and many more.  Don’t forget to follow The Charlie Foundation on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute information!

The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe page

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