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Thank you Kate for sharing this great info she found!  I’m sharing a link to a site called  Although this site is designed specifically for people with food allergies, it is a good starting place to help find restaurants that may be a little more accommodating in regards to keto, MAD & LGIT.  I’m not offering any guarantees that the listed restaurants will be able to provide low carb meals or heat up keto meals, please use this as a starting point to find restaurants, preview menus, and call ahead to ask any specific questions that you may have.  Looking at the menu selections with your child ahead of time can be very helpful in deciding what he or she may want to eat and help provide ideas for meals to prepare ahead of time.  You may be able to determine if bringing as scale to the restaurant and ordering from the menu is a possibility.  **You need to do your own research and decide what options are best for you!**

If food allergies are a concern for you, you can select from: Peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, fish, shellfish, sesame, and soy.  This is a filter that will help narrow down restaurants who can provide meals that are safe for the chosen allergy.

If you choose to search by location or zip code, you can view the results in a list form or map format.  There are lots of informative reviews from other people that can be helpful in selecting a location to eat at. Additional information provided is address & phone number, map & directions, and possibly nutrition information, menu, and a link to the restaurants specific website. Pre-planning can go a long way in making vacations or travel a lot more relaxing and fun for everyone!  There is also a mobile app version for both iPhone and Android.

They have a separate page dedicated to Disney World where you are able to search for locations by theme park.  Also provided is the link to Disney’s special diet page where you can find the e-mail address ( to inquire about having special meals prepared by Disney chefs.  I have heard from other families (not confirmed this myself, but it is something I plan to work on) that Disney chefs are able to prepare ketogenic meals if planned for well in advance. If you have done this PLEASE E-MAIL ME to share your experience!

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