BBQ Chicken Skewers

First of all, I am sorry this is not the best, most creative picture… We had VERY hungry kids!  Secondly, this “looks” like a lot of chicken for a keto meal, doesn’t it?  Well, I got a little sneaky and used eggplant as the vegetable (and filler) for the kabobs.  To put 20-ish grams of chicken on a skewer is a little ridiculous.  It ends up looking like someone ate the chicken and left just the scraps!  Adding another vegetable, like the eggplant, really bulks up the meal.  The eggplant also has the added advantage of soaking up the BBQ flavor and color… if fact, Charlotte never even questioned if she was eating anything other than chicken!  I’m sure some kids would know the difference, but this meal looked and tasted great!  You could easily pack this into a cooler and bring it to a BBQ, I served this with mayo mixed with Walden Farms Italian Dressing as a dip.  You could also serve this with the No-Potato Salad or Broccoli Slaw or save room for dessert of course!

255 Calories

3.5:1 Ratio


36g eggplant, cut into small cubes about the size of large dice

25g RAW chicken breast, diced the same size

31g Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

Add your choice of seasonings, I used salt, pepper and chili powder on the chicken kabob (some might want to leave the chili powder off)

Add your choice of Walden Farms salad dressing or BBQ sauce to the mayo to make a dip.  I used 5g of the Italian Dressing.


Soak your skewers (if using wooden ones) in water for at least a half hour.  This will prevent them from catching on fire!

Skewer the chicken and eggplant.  I did 2 pieces of eggplant, 1 piece of chicken and so on.  I needed 2 skewers.  Lightly spray the chicken and eggplant skewers with spray oil so they don’t stick to the grill!  Season them with salt and pepper and any other additional seasoning.

Grill the skewers on low heat until they are cooked throughly.  Remember, these are very small compared to a hamburger of chicken pieces, they don’t need a super hot grill or a long time to cook!

Mix the Salad Dressing with the mayo to make the dip and serve!


You do not have to use mayo as the fat.  You can use any form of fat that you usually serve, just adjust the recipe for your needs.

Cut the pieces in larger sizes if your calorie needs are higher.

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