School Lunch

284 Calories

3.5:1 Ratio

This is the lunch that Charlotte brings to school 99% of the time.  Her classroom is nut-free, so we have to work around that.  There is a classroom aid that helps make sure she eats all of her food, drinks all of her water and takes the 2 syringes of oil.  Charlotte has come a long way in the past 2 years, we used to have to bribe, clap, cheer & do flips to get her to take the oil like this, but now she does it all on her own!  This has really made the diet a lot easier for all of us.


15g Apple, no skin

18g Polly-O Twists Cheese Stick

20g bottled green olives, no fillings

22g oil, use 2 different kinds


Chop the ingredients and pack them for lunch!  I wrap the syringes in plastic wrap so they are not getting tossed around in the bag.  Traveling with oil in the syringes has been the easiest method for us. I have rarely had to worry about spills and scraping containers.


  1. Dawn- How often do you have to replace the syringes? Are they something you can use multiple times? The 10cc syringes we use have a rubber stopper inside which seems to swell when used with oil. They get difficult to use very quickly. We go through many. I have taken to cleaning them immediately with very hot soapy water, but this is not always possible. I’d love to hear your thoughts! And what do you do at school to make sure that the coconut oil is the correct temperature (so it doesn’t harden and not come out of the syringe)? Thanks!! Kadie

    • The syringes without the rubber stoppers last FOREVER! I am able to get these at Target with my liquid medications (prescriptions).. I ask for extra while I am there. I run these through the dishwasher daily and only get thrown out when they go through the garbage disposal:) You can by the same ones in drugstores near the kids medicines or pill organizers.

  2. […] Whenever someone finds out that we treat our daughter with the ketogenic diet, the next question is almost always… “What does she eat?”  To answer that question very simply, I just say, “think of it like the Atkin’s Diet, but to the extreme.” That answer usually gets a tentative nod of understanding at least!  When they ask me to describe a common meal, I usually explain how we make eggs.  Charlotte eats this meal everyday.  Sometimes the eggs are scrambled, sometimes they are fried, I even microwave them if I’m in a huge rush.  The side fruit or vegetable is interchangeable and depends upon her mood and what we have on hand.  I have almost all of the combinations memorized and it is the very first recipe in our book.  This is the simplest, quickest meal to make, the only other meal that compares in fast preparation is this one (another daily favorite.) […]

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