Greek Yogurt

Although there have already been several yogurt recipes posted here on ketocook, I have a hard time NOT recommending yogurt specifically when it comes to packing school lunches.  This is one of the easiest meals to put together! It requires no cooking, meets protein requirements, and it’s an all-in-one meal.  In the past I have used Stonyfield Farms Plain Whole Milk Yogurt, but I have a hard time finding it on a regular basis since our move.  So now we are using the standard Fage Total Yogurt.  Charlotte likes it just as much, and it really holds the fat very well.  If she is eating yogurt as a meal, I have a hard time adding fruit AND getting enough protein in, so I tend to keep it plain and use stevia flavors to change it up a bit.  I have to add a tiny bit of extra protein to meet her needs, but it is not essential to the recipe at all.  I’m including the powdered egg whites in the recipe since I’m calling this a meal vs. a snack.  You can also use whey protein isolate, but you need to mix it with a little water first, it is NOT soluble in oil!

The coconut oil in the recipe helps improve the overall texture of the yogurt.  Since coconut oil solidifies at colder temperatures, it helps the yogurt stiffen back up a little after adding all of the oil!  I can not get the recipe to “work” if I use cream as part of the fat.  It will be too high in both calories and carbohydrate and too low in protein.

299 Calories

3.5:1 Ratio


58g Fage Total Yogurt, full fat

1g powdered egg-whites

17.3g neutral flavor oil, like walnut, sunflower, canola

10g coconut oil

3 drops of liquid flavored stevia


Blend the oils, egg whites and stevia together until the egg whites are dissolved and no longer lumpy.  Use a small whisk and stir in the yogurt.  Continue stirring at a fast pace until it is completely combined with the oil.  Store it in a small covered container in the refrigerator until ready to eat.


Mix this together in a large batch!  Use a hand-held mixer to combine all the ingredients.  Weigh each portion into small containers and have an entire week (or 2!) of lunches ready to go in the fridge.

For a 4:1 ratio, I had better luck using whey protein isolate powder rather than egg whites to reach the required protein.  The yogurt will need to be reduced and oil increased as well.


  1. To meet my son’s protein requirements I need to use 4g of egg whites… is this too much powdered egg white in terms of affecting the taste?

  2. Hi Dawn

    My daughter loves this recipe- I tweeked it a little to get the #’s I needed for my daughter. Then we decided to remove dairy from her diet and since this is her favorite meal right now I had to figure out what to do so she could still have it.

    So I added mayo (which I add to everything pretty much to cut down on the oil) and sub tofu for the fage and it came out great!!! I wanted to share this with you incase other people needed a dairy free yogurt!!

    Thanks for all your hard work


  3. Dawn, can I make this without the egg whites? I got to ratio/calories with right amount of protein with them. Thanks!

    • Of course, just keep in mind that the egg whites absorb a little of the oil, if you are at a lower ratio, the oil wont be as big of a problem. What ratio/calories are you at?

    • I have tried this in the past as well. It tastes great, but I could not achieve the needed protein for Charlotte. Just make sure you are getting enough of the recommended protein in if you are using it for a meal. Otherwise keep it as a snack option.

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