Creamed Spinach & Cod *method of serving fat*

We all know that spinach is super good for you, so I like to try to incorporate as much as possible into Charlotte’s meals. If you’re not a fan of spinach, it always tastes better covered in butter, cream and parmesan!   This meal is packed with protein and it is easy to cook and eat.  I would highly recommend cod to anyone since it is a mild tasting white fish, yet is sturdy enough to be cut into small cubes and picked up by little fingers.  The texture is perfect for toddlers who are learning how to self feed or for someone who is just beginning to learn how to chew.

For the Creamed Spinach

276 calories

7.3:1 ratio without the cod

For the Creamed Spinach & Cod

295 calories

3.5:1 ratio


31g spinach, frozen spinach that has been cooked

24g 40% heavy cream

10g butter

10g olive oil

3g parmesan, hard block grated at home

salt/pepper/garlic powder


Thaw and cook the frozen spinach.  After cooking, weigh out the spinach in a small microwave safe bowl.  Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine.  Return the mixture to the microwave and heat in 30 second intervals until the butter has melted and it has thicken up a little.   Allow to cool slightly before serving.  Serve with 19g of cooked cod to bring the total ratio to 3.5:1.


If a pureed consistency is need for the spinach, cook the spinach and puree it in a food processor before adding the additional ingredients.  Store small, pre-weighed portions in the freezer.


  1. Dawn- Can you suggest away to thicken this puree up without loosing the pureed consistency? My daughter needs pureed textures but can handle it thicker. Thank you!!

    • You could try adding a little psyllium husks powder which will also provide some fiber. You must calculate the psyllium… You could also try xanthan gum powder which is what “Thick It” food thickener was made from. You can use xanthan gum without calculating. Please ask your dietitian before including either of theses ingredients!

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