strawberry & yogurt parfait

Ratio 2:1

Calories 146


2 small (28g) strawberries

5 drops (0g) chocolate stevia (or plain)

dash (0.05g)  ground cinnamon

1.8T (25g) Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt

2T (37g) Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream’

1/2T (7g) DaVinci French Vanilla Syrup Sugar-free

Optional:  berries for garnish



Puree strawberries until smooth.  mix in stevia and cinnamon unit well combined.

Mix Yogurt, Cream, and Syrup well together until smooth.

In a glass cup, Spoon in 1/3 of the yogurt, then spoon in strawberry puree, and repeat layering.

Keep it in refrigerator until ready to serve.

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