coconut cutout cookies

these cookies are great for  making any shape cookies… nut-free, so perfect for school treats!


1/4C (28g) coconut flour
1/4t (0.3g) baking soda
1/16t (0.3g) sea salt
2T (28g) butter
1T (14g) coconut oil
2T (27g) Truvia
1/2 (25g) egg
1/4t (2g) vanilla extract


Mix coconut flour, baking soda, and salt.  set aside.
Using a mixer, mix butter, coconut oil, Truvia, egg, and vanilla extract.  Mix in the flour mixture.  Blend well.
Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30minutes, or until easy to handle.
Place the dough in-between two sheets of parchment papers.  Roll out the dough to 1/4inch thickness.
Cut out to desired shapes.
Bake at 325 for about 5-6 minutes, until edges are golden brown.
Let the cookies cool completely as they will harden as they cool.


Ratio 2.5:1
You can save the dough for later use (i have only tried 3-4 days) by storing in a ziploc bag, after wrapping well with a plastic wrap.
You can increase the coconut oil to for better ratio


  1. Excellent taste. Instead of cooling, rolling and cutting out shapes. I rolled the dough into a log and sliced the cookies; no need to cool before baking. Next time I will used my cheese slicer to make more even thickness cookies. Great recipe.

    • No recipes will ever rely on a sweetener to make it “work”. The sweetener does not contribute any “bulk”, binding or similar qualities for ALL recipes listed on this site! Feel free to use anything you want for a sweetener. If you happen to be a lower ratio, applesauce is a great addition for added sweetness. Coconut milk is also helpful for higher ratios. If you do modify the recipe with no added sweetener, please share what you did, other families will really appreciate it!

  2. My son has been on the ketogenic diet now for almost five years. He is allergic to dairy,egg and peanut. We have some great recipes that I would love to share on your sight. It might be nice to include them to encourage others with allergies that Keto can be done and be successful. Max has not had a seizure in almost four years because of the diet. Please consider this. Thank you!

    • I would love to see your recipes, my son Caspian is dairy and gluten free, and I scoured the web looking for recipes, and found about 3. Please send them through, I am still at the beginning of it all.( my other son is Max).

    • Please share the dairy free version as well. We just started Modified Atkins for my son who cannot have gluten, dairy, soy, corn and nightshade. I can’t find any recipes without using butter or whipped cream or cream cheese or anything dairy. Please do share your recipe or website. Thank you so much.

  3. This recipe was so easy to make and my daughter Peyton loved them! They baked up like regular cookies!! Assembled dough over the weekend and baked off last night. (Peyton taste tested them when I ran out to get the newspapers from the drive before making her breakfast…big treat and she couldn’t wait!)

    My question is what size is a serving for a snack? Perfect to pack up and send to school. I also had the idea that this dough would be fun to color as decorative sprinkles, which our kids love so much, are not part of the Keto diet. Assuming food coloring would be keto friendly? Thoughts?

    Thanks! Love your site. Very informative and full of great ideas


    • Hi Jennifer,
      If you enter the entire recipe into the ketocalculator, you will see the total number of calories. Just divide the batch into the serving size you want based off of your calorie needs.

      there are some natural food dyes that can be used, please ask your dietitian first! India tree makes some good colors that are all natural. You can also color Truvia to make sugar sprinkles, there is a post of them on here a while back. I also have a few different icing recipes that I will be posting in the next few weeks.

    • Peyton sounds so cute. Clara is just like her. she cannot wait to eat her snacks. She raids the kitchen when she wakes up to see if i made anything over night. =)

      These are great to use as sprinkles or any other decorative use. Like you said, you can use food coloring that your dietitian allows you to use. This was a modifies version of almond based cookies i used all the time for Clara, and now that her school doesn’t allow nuts, i changed the recipe to use coconut flour. You can be really creative with this basic recipe and make many variations. Hope you have fun trying new things with them!

      cupcake sprinkles
      other use (the bear is a cookie cutout)

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