The Charlie Foundation Symposium 2012: Part 1

I am home from the Charlie Foundation Symposium and IT WAS INTENSE! It was also empowering, rejuvenating, emotional, educational, and on and on and on… Nothing can describe the feeling of being surrounded by parents that go through the same struggles as you do.  No one needs to waste time talking about the not so fun parts of your life, because we are all in the same boat!  We were able to skip all of that and move on building friendships and supporting each other.

This is the first of a few posts about the symposium, I will be adding personal pictures soon!  If you were not able to attend this year, I encourage you to start saving for the next one, whenever and where ever that may be.  Thank you to all the parents, dietitians and doctors that I had the opportunity to meet.  Your kind words of encouragement mean the world to me and I want to give back as much as possible to encourage other families in the same way.

For now, here is the tribute video the Meryl Streep and the original Dateline episode that renewed interest in the ketogenic diet as a treatment for epilepsy.  If you are interested in buying the video (the full movie) “First Do No Harm” click here to purchase it in the All Things Keto Amazon Store.

If you attended the conference, comment below and let everyone know what you thought about it!

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Both of these videos are via YouTube


  1. Thank you for all that you do – including posting this video! We couldn’t make the conference this year and I was really bummed about it. I am so grateful to you and to the Charlie Foundation. Praying for seizure freedom for all of us for good!

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