Most Frequently Eaten Meal…

This is a super fast meal that can be eaten anytime of day.  Sometimes the eggs are scrambled, sometimes they are fried, I even microwave them if I’m in a huge rush.  The side fruit or vegetable is interchangeable and depends on what is currently available!

Of course, part of the ease in preparation comes from taking oil in syringes. Learning how to consume oil in this method allows for ingredients to be eaten plain (as many people like), not swimming in fat. This is a skill that is best learned slowly using small amounts of oil to start with.  Overtime, people master this technique and are more easily able to consume the fat.  You could swap some oil out for cream, mix some of the oil (or even mayonnaise) into the eggs and scramble them, but most likely you will have to have some oil or fat on the side if you are at a higher ratio.

288 calories (will vary slightly depending on the fruit or vegetable)

3.5:1 ratio


10g coconut oil

10g olive oil

5g butter

50g raw egg (usually 1 large egg is about 50g)

40g raw tomato


Replace the tomato with any other fruit or vegetable of your choice.  Keep the egg, oil, butter measurements the same and write down the different amounts of fruit or veggies needed to replace the tomato on the same card.  A few examples:

26g blackberries

23g strawberries

31g baby-bella mushrooms

32g asparagus


Pan fry the egg in the butter. Scrape all of the butter out of the pan on to the top of the egg.  Serve the tomatoes on the side, cut in half and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Serve the oil in 2 10ml syringes.


You can include some of the fat in the egg if you scramble them.  50g of egg will hold about 10g of oil plus some cream if you are using it.

Some vegetables are great if they are cooked in the egg like an omelet.  Spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onions are all good options.

In the background, you see un-sweetened decaffeinated black iced tea.  Use only decaffeinated tea for ketogenic diets! Tea is a great source of many antioxidants and is considered a “free” beverage.


  1. Our 6 year old just started this diet in December of 2012 and my she was on 3:1. She is now on 3.25:1 for a few weeks before moving to 3.5:1. Her favorite meal is:

    3.25:1 ratio and 309 calories (because
    29 g cream (36%) (we mix with water and 7g of Walden Farms chocolate syrup)
    3 g pepperidge farm whole grain goldfish
    12 g dry roasted Almonds
    17 g dry roasted with salt Macadamia nuts

    I am so excited to try these donuts out for her!!

    It is so nice to find all of this information out there!! Thank you for all the time, energy and love you put in to this! It is very much appreciated!

  2. Ben has eaten the charlie foundation macadamia nut pancakes every day for months. We let him have it for dinner on Friday nights too because it is his absolute favorite. I think one of the reasons he loves it so much is because of the “sides”. He can have fruit, peanuts, cheese, veggies, sunflower seeds, he has many choices with this particular meal. And I’ve recruited family to help so we make a 1 month supply at a time and they freeze so well. All I have to do is measure his butter and cinnamon for the topping, and add his choice of side item.

    You can read about the pancakes here:

  3. One of our go to meals is:

    21g Peanut butter
    18g Butter
    13g Banana
    1 Amooza cheese string
    35g Cream

    We just mix the peanut butter and butter together, put the piece of Banana on top with a cheese string on the side, we add water to her cream and then a few drops of choc raspberry flavoured Stevia then it’s like flavoured milk and she loves it!

    I use eggs a lot too! Great protein and fast to prepare!

    Our daughter is on a 2:1 ration.

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