Our 5 yr old son, Carson, has been on his magic diet since August 31, 2009.
Pre-diet he was having between 5-30 seizures a day.  About 5 months into the
diet, we were seizure free and that lasted almost 9 months, then we lost it.
Now, it’s MAYBE one every couple of weeks, sometimes longer.  Carson does AMAZING
with the diet.  Yes, we have our struggles and at times it’s very difficult, but
those moments are nothing compared to watching your child seize and have
terrible side effects from meds. Thanks to the Ketogenic Diet, Carson is med
free!!  Carson is so good with the food on the diet and loves to try new things
I’ve made.  If he sees something he wishes he could eat, he says “Mommy, can you
make me that one day?” and of course Mommy figures out how to make it 🙂  Carson
is so brave and strong.  We are so proud of how well he handles the diet and how
far he’s come.  We know Carson will continue to soar 🙂  Here’s a picture of our
happy hero enjoying the beach on our summer vacation this year.

Keto Hero is a place where kids can be encouraged and caregivers can see how resilient keto kids are while being treated with the ketogenic diet.  Please send in pictures of your keto hero and tell us why you are proud of them!  E-mail to:

Coming up by the end of September, I want to gather Halloween recipes and alternative ideas to dealing with the sugar filled tradition.  If you have a recipe or idea on how to deal with trick-or-treating while on keto, please e-mail me.  I would like to feature a wide variety of options.


  1. Hi, this a question for Carson Parents? Did you need 5 month to be seizure free, we are now in week 6 and the seizures still there but 2 weeks ago we were one week seizure free. I want to have hope and know about other ketokids that do well in the diet not in the first days but with the need of weeks or months. Thanks a lot and congratulations for your keto hero

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