Super Nutritious Green Pops (or smoothie)

This popsicle is PACKED with lots of healthy fruits and veggies!  It’s a fun way to get kids to eat healthy foods but still make them feel like they are getting a treat.  The lime juice, basil and mint make it especially refreshing on a HOT summer day.  The flavors from the mint and basil are mild, not overpowering at all and the lime juice adds just enough citrus punch to pull all the flavors together.

You can drink this as a smoothie or freeze it in a popsicle mold.  I made this recipe 300 calories so I could divide it into three 100 calorie snacks.  If you’re unsure if this will go over well with your child, just divide it into smaller portions or popsicles.  Our favorite tiny popsicle molds are the Ring-Pop molds.  I also really like the Cool Cones molds (that are in the pictures) because you can put any amount of liquid in them, and they prevent a lot of dripping since you push up a small amount at a time.  Since this pop is green, you could call it something fun like a “monster pop” and put it in these molds if you think that might help kids want to try it!

Makes 3 servings

100 calories each

3.5:1 ratio


75g brewed green tea, use decaffeinated (This is just 1 tea bag steeped in 75g of hot water and then cooled) The tea is not used in the calculations

52g avocado

43g applesauce, I use Mott’s Sugar Free

35g cucumber, with NO skin

14g fresh baby spinach

3g fresh lime juice

2g fresh basil leaves (I used 1g basil, 1g mint)

16g 40% Heavy Cream

15g oil, use neutral flavor like grape seed, canola, walnut or sunflower

a few drops of liquid sweetener (I used 5 drops of vanilla. Orange or lemon would be good as well)


Add all of the ingredients to a personal size blender,(I have the Ninja and it works very well) and blend until all of the ingredients are completely combined.  Divide into 3 portions and serve as a smoothie or freeze into popsicles.  Each 100 calorie portion should weigh 84g.


This is not intended to be a meal, there is insufficient protein.  You could add a whey protein isolate powder to make this a complete meal.

If the amount for each serving is not enough to fill your specific popsicle molds, just add more green tea, this will not change the nutritional content.

For a 4:1 ratio, reduce the applesauce and increase the avocado or cream

For lower ratios, add fresh Kiwi fruit!

You could use all oil or coconut milk to make this dairy free.

This is thick enough to spoon feed to someone if pureed foods are needed

Since you already have all the ingredients out, make one for yourself keto moms!  Eliminate the heavy cream and oil, increase the green tea.  You will feel super healthy and energized!

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