Approximate Ratio 2.5:1

Calories 257

The recipe makes 6 small (2in) or 3 large (4in) pavlovas


For Meringue:

1 (35g) egg white

pinch (0.1g) cream of tartar

pinch (0.1g) salt

1t (4g) Truvia

1/4t (2g) fresh lemon juice


For whipped cream:

1/4C (60g) Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream

1t (4g) Truvia

Optional: 1/4t (1.5g) vanilla flavor, Frontier alcohol-free (or any other flavor such as Bickford strawberry flavor)



1-2oz (28-56g) berries  (in the calculation, i used 28g of raspberries and 19g of blueberries)


Whip egg white until stiff peak forms.  Add cream of tartar and salt and mix.  Add 1t(4g) of Truvia and mix well.

Add lemon juice and mix well.

Pipe out 6 of 2inch circles (or 3 of 4inch circles).  Bake at 230 for 30-40 minutes.  Let it cool.  When it is done cooling, the outer shell should be crispy and the inside will be marshmallow-like texture.

Whip cream and truvia (1t, 4g) in a small bowl.  Add vanilla flavor and mix well.

Once the meringue cookies are cooled, spread the whipped cream and top it with berries.


It is helpful to draw the circles on bottom side of the parchment paper for guidance.


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