chicken parmesan

Approximate Ratio 2:1

Calories 414


1T (7g) almond flour  (if allergic to nuts, blend 1/4 slice of julian bakery smart carb#1 in a food processor)

1/6 (8g) egg

pinch (0.1g) salt

pinch (0.05g) dried dill

pinch (0.05g) dried oregano

pinch (0.05g) dried basil

1.35 oz (38g) chicken breast cutlet

4T (59g) tomato sauce (Cucina Antica marinara sauce – each brand has very different nutritional facts.  this brand had the lowest carb i could find)

2T (14g) mozzarella cheese, whole milk

1/2T (2.5g)parmesan cheese

pinch (0.05g) herbs de provence

2T (28g) olive oil (plus 3T more for frying)



Mix 1T (14g) olive oil and tomato sauce well.  Set aside.

Season chicken lightly by sprinkling salt and fresh ground pepper.

Mix almond flour, salt, dried dill, oregano, and basil. Dip each chicken in the egg, and then roll them in almond flour mixture to coat both sides.

Heat 4T olive oil in medium-low heat.  Fry the chicken until fully cooked.  Only about 1T will be absorbed, so only 1T (14g)  is calculated.

Place the chicken in a ovenproof dish, and pout the tomato-olive sauce over the top.  Sprinkle the mozzarella cheese and top with parmesan cheese and herbs de provence.

Bake it at 375F for 15 minutes.

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