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On Thursday, my family is moving from Virginia to California (again) courtesy of the US Air Force!  Recipe postings from me will not be a frequent, but I will take this opportunity to build some other areas of Ketocook.  Hopefully I will have the time to post about our experiences while flying, living in temporary housing (minus my well equipped kitchen), living in a new region with different brands of food, ect.. As with every move, things get a little more complicated every time.  Hopefully by sharing our upcoming experiences with “keto on the go”, moves, vacations, and other transitions might be easier for someone else!  As always, I welcome & encourage you to share your tips, methods, tricks, what-ever-you-got info on how you travel with keto meals & kids!  E-mail me at to share your story.

For today, since I am busy packing… Here are some recipe cards for you.  Click the cards below, a PDF file will open.  You can print just the front side and glue it to a 4×6 picture of your childs meal, OR print page 1, reload the page back into your printer and print the back so you have a 2-sided recipe card.  I always recommend having ketocalculator meals printed in some format in case the internet can not be accessed. Write your recipes in PENCIL, you can change amounts as needed for calorie or ratio adjustments.

Hope you enjoy them!

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