Fruit Yogurt

Approximately 285 calories (depends on the fruit used)

3.5:1 ratio

Yogurt is an easy meal to prepare, it is quick, requires no cooking and can be made in large batches.  This is usually eaten as a breakfast or after school meal in our house.  To make things easier, just stick to one type of fruit per week.


57g Stonyfield Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

15g Organic Valley Heavy Cream

20g oil (use 2 different kinds)

Add your choice of fruit (one of the following)

39g blackberries

29g strawberries

22g blueberries

17g kiwi

15g mango

10g banana  (pictured above includes 5g of Walden farms Chocolate Syrup and cinnamon added, add this into your calculations!)


Blend together the yogurt, cream and oil.  (I mix in only 10g of the oil and serve the additional 10g of coconut oil on the side). Top with fruit.


  • Oils suitable for mixing with yogurt would be: MCT, safflower, grape seed, sunflower, walnut (not toasted), canola or other mild flavored oils.
  • Mixing coconut oil into Stonyfield brand yogurt does not go over well with Charlotte.  The oil hardens in the cool yogurt and gives it a “seedy” texture.  Coconut oil will mix into Fage yogurt much better
  • I chose to use Stonyfield because this brand has more added live cultures than some others, read more about it here.
  • Mix the yogurt base (yogurt, cream & oil) as a batch.  Add the fruit to the containers individually.
  • I often use frozen fruit, it’s cheaper than fresh especially if you are buying organic.  Frozen fruit is actually easy to chop with a sharp knife! Calculations will vary slightly between fresh and frozen fruit.


  1. Love your recipes! Ketocalculator has cultured coconut milk which is the same consistency as yogurt. We are dairy free but it is a great healthy choice for all. I do freeze it and it works very well. I squeeze drops onto wax paper for finger food for my toddler.

  2. Dawn,
    Thanks so much for the fabulous recipes! Have you had any success freezing these? I’d love to make large batches ahead of time.

    • Hi,
      I have not frozen this exact recipe… however, I do freeze another yogurt recipe just fine. My daughter actually likes to eat them like popsicles. I think it should freeze just fine!

  3. O.K. trying to make this for my son and cannot fimd the yogurt in the ketocalculator.I have the same Stonyfield you have but all I can find is yo baby. thanks for your help!

    • I *think* the yo-baby is slightly different nutrition wise. I would recommend, if possible.. return the yogurt you have and get the yo-baby or try using the Fage greek yogurt (full fat) …both will work. The greek yogurt is thicker and hides oil a little bit better.

    • A few ways, the oil could be decreased first of all. This will also lower the calories. You could increase the yogurt or fruit to lower the ratio. You also have the option of including powdered egg whites, 1-2 grams or so… this will lower the ratio as well as increase the protein. Please ask your dietitian before using the recipes!

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