My Thanksgiving Recipes have been posted over at the Charlie Foundation!  Here are a few things to know…

Each recipe is calculated to be 100 calories with the exception of the main event, the turkey & gravy which is 200 calories.  Typically, Thanksgiving dinners revolve around taking a little from a lot of different dishes, so keeping each recipe at the 100 calorie mark makes it easy to break down the entire BIG dinner into small manageable recipes.  This way you can easily decrease or increase the amount of each dish served and get to your needed ratio and calorie allotment.

I chose the 3:1 ratio for all the calculations because it is kind of “middle ground” for including all the fat in the meals.  You can easily reduce the fat without affecting the quality or increase it to meet your needs by adding in a little more or serving some on the side.

Each recipe is a all-in-one style meal, meaning all the fat is included in the meal, not served on the side.  Honestly, you would not know how much fat is in some of the recipes… they turned out really good and I worked hard to make sure the meal would be enjoyable to eat, not just ingredients swimming in fat.

The gravy includes two different versions of the recipe: one includes xanthan gum and the other is coconut flour as the thickener.  I prefer the xanthan gum version because it is perfectly smooth, but the coconut flour will work as well.  There is a little grittiness to the gravy when using the coconut flour, but not so much that it is not enjoyable.  You can usually find xanthan gum in the baking aisle or in the natural foods section of the grocery store.  Bob’s Red Mill makes it and it comes in a small clear bag.  Ask your dietitian if it is ok to include in your diet if you have never used it before!

Consider making a double batch of everything… that way your keto kid can enjoy a day of “leftovers” with the rest of the family! Not to mention you can have a break from meal prep as well!!

I am including a picture of a celery root bulb, sometimes it is labeled as “celeriac” This may seem like an unusual ingredient, but don’t be afraid to try it! It has a great flavor that is slightly sweet. It is not overpowering and my kids love it.  Even my husband gave the vanilla celery root puree a thumbs up.  I prefer this puree over cauliflower by far! It is really delicious.

Here is a sample of how I will break these recipes down for Charlotte….   I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I will be posting a Thanksgiving breakfast and dessert early next week.

On Thanksgiving we eat at 3pm.

1/2 of the turkey & gravy recipe = 100 calories

3/4 of the stuffing recipe = 75 calories

3/4 of the celery root puree = 75 calories

1/4 of the brussels sprouts = 25 calories

1/4 of the cranberry sauce = 25 calories

Total: 300 calories for her 3 pm meal

At 6pm, we usually are eating dinner.  On Thanksgiving, we will be eating dessert by them.  Charlotte will be having a dessert as a meal! I will also be posting a Caramel Apple Pecan Pie using the carmel sauce from last week!

So head on over to the Charlie Foundation to get this recipe and many more.  Don’t forget to follow The Charlie Foundation on Facebook andTwitter for up to the minute information!

The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe page

Celery Root: It’s big and ugly, but don’t be afraid!
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    • I’m sorry you could not find it. I see it in all of our grocery stores in the produce section. It is sometimes near the cabbages or near the turnips and other lesser common root vegetables. It doesn’t always have a top on it and is sold as just the root. My best advice would be to ask someone *knowledgeable* in your produce section if they carry it. It would be worth the time because it really is a fantastic vegetable. We have been eating it since long before keto!

  1. We do Thanksgiving on Saturday at our house (to accomodate family members who can’t do Thursday). I just got done cooking up a keto storm: turkey, mashed celeriac, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce (I’m saving the pumpkin pudding cooking for tomorrow). I don’t know if he’ll like any of it but I have to say it was a real gift to be able to make a reasonable facimille of Thanksgiving dinner for my keto kid. Thanks Dawn!

    • Hi Mary,
      You will not see xanthan gum in the ketocalculator. It is 100% fiber, therefore does not need to be calculated into a recipe. Fiber is subtracted for all fiber containing foods in the ketocalculator.

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