pizzelle (nut-free)

Approximate Ratio 2:1

Makes about 12 Pizzelles (For each pizzelle, approximately 20 calories and 0.23g of carb)


2T (12g) cup New Hope Mills waffle mix

1T (13.5g) Truvia

1/8t (0.6g) baking powder

1/4 (12g) egg

1.5T (23g) butter, melted

1/4t (2g) vanilla flavor, Frontier alcohol-free

2t (10g) English Toffee DaVinci Sugar Free Syrup (any other flavor will be fine)


Mix all the dry ingredients together

Mix all the wet ingredients together and combine well with dry ingredients.

Make pizzelle following your pizzelle maker instructions.


Great to make ice cream sandwiches too!

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