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I put this bag together with the intention of preparedness for BIG emergencies such as natural disasters.  However, I have since found it to be extremely helpful in minor emergencies, such as ER trips.  Once, we went from school directly to the ER, my neighbor was able to grab the bag and bring it to me at the hospital.  As a typical stay at the ER goes, we were there for a loooong time.  The local hospital was not able to provide ketogenic meals of course, I was able to use the supplies in the bag for the next 12 hours.  Since that experience, I have used it several more times and I will never be without it.

This is a small brief case size rolling carry-on bag.  It holds 3 days worth of supplies for myself and my 2 kids.  This includes food, clothing, personal care items, medications and even, you guessed it, keto supplies!   The only other item not actually in the bag is water.  We keep a 3.5 gallon jug right next to the bag in the closet.  This is kept on the floor of our front coat closet so it can be easily grabbed if we are running out the door.  Here is the breakdown of what is included in the bag.

The front section includes:

Tissues, wipes for surfaces, baby wipes, plastic silverware, small bottles of dish soap, a bag of instant coffee, powdered cream & sugar.  A baggie containing a scraper, 10ml syringes, and an extra spoon. The zippered pouch contains personal care items: shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, tooth paste, a hairbrush, hair ties, Tylenol & Advil for kids and adults, prescription meds and lotion.

The next section includes a scale (and extra batteries) and printed recipes for the ketogenic meals (the ingredients are worthless if you don’t have ketogenic meal calculations printed!) made from food that is included in the bag. There is also coconut oil, peanut butter, mayo, green beans, tuna, squeezable fruit, Lara Bars, pecans, macadamia nuts and my sons clothing.

The last section includes: microwavable ravioli, mushrooms, green beans, chicken, olive oil, Cliff Bars, apple sauce, baby food sweet potatoes, and clothing for my daughter and myself.

All of the food in the bag can be eaten without being heated or cooked.  It might not taste the greatest, but it would do in an emergency with no power.

The ketogenic meals are calculated using only the ingredients contained in the bag.  There is more than 3 days worth of oil, but it’s always a good idea to have extra!   Things like the Cliff Bars are good options for non-keto meals since they are high in calories but only take up a small amount of space. Every 6 months or so, take the food and meds out and replace them with new ones so the food is not wasted and does not expire while sitting in the bag.


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