Coconut Flour Doughnuts with Frosting

Makes 10 mini doughnuts
3:1 ratio
 About 150 calories each
128g butter, melted
28g coconut flour
2g baking powder
197g raw egg mixed well
10g Truvia (recommend at least 1g per doughnut)
2g cinnamon
50g fresh apple, grated with no peal OR 50g of Motts sugar free apple sauce for more even distribution during batch cooking
20 drops of approved vanilla
pinch of salt if using unsalted butter

Mix the coconut flour with the butter until all of the lumps are gone.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Bake in a doughnut maker appliance (Babycakes) for about 5 minutes or in a mini doughnut pan for about 10-12 minutes @ 350F.  Cool the cooked doughnuts before frosting.

Frosting (included in the calories above)

15g coconut oil, melted (but not hot!)
15g room temperature cream cheese, Philadelphia brand

Mix together room temperature cream cheese, melted coconut oil and a few drops of vanilla and stevia if desired.  If the mixture is not blending together well, it is too warm.  Allow it to cool for a few minutes until it blends together completely.  Spread 3g of the mixture on each doughnut.


  1. Aloha!
    I tried this great recipe today…tweaked it for my sons ratio and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out!
    I wonder if you have any tips about how to keep the oil in the maker…I followed your tip (from the other doughnut recipe) about not letting the Babycakes appliance lock so that the doughnuts could rise, but durin the cooking process I noticd there was butter dripping from the back of the appliance. When I took the doughnuts out I tried to use a small spatula and scrape the remaining oil from each of the doughnut molds…this was a little tricky 🙂
    I thought about taking some of the butter from the recipe and adding it to the frosting and then maybe it will not spill over. The batter stayed in the molds great…it was just the butter.
    Thanks for your time and thank you for posting such great recipes!

    • You could try adding the butter to the frosting, but I suspect a little will still cook out… After cooking them, get a clean paper towel. weight the towel (remember how much it weighs!) Wipe up all the fat that cooked out and weigh the towel again. Compare the two weights to find out exactly how many grams of fat cooked out. You can add it back into the frosting or just serve it on the side. It will not be that much. I hope this helps and I am glad you like them!

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