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In 2007 my life changed forever when my daughter, Charlotte received a definitive diagnosis of Dravet’s Syndrome, and my infant son JT, was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease within the same week. In 2010, Charlotte began treatment with a medically prescribed ketogenic diet and experienced her first seizure free day in over 5 years. My passion for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen was quickly put to use figuring out how to make the high ratio recipes her diet required. I am the author of “The Keto Cookbook” and “The Modified Keto Cookbook”, both of which are designed specifically for medically supervised ketogenic therapies. KetoCook is my personal blog documenting our ketogenic recipes, helpful tips and tools, and Charlotte’s now decade long journey using keto to manage Dravet’s Syndrome. I hope that you find this site useful for your keto journey!

My Work

The Charlie Foundation

Since 2012 I have been volunteering at the Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies. I develop and photograph the recipes for their website, travel to conferences for speaking and recipe demonstrations, and manage their social media outlets.

other projects

Functional Formularies

My keto recipes and photos are featured in a free eBook that uses Functional Formularies Keto Peptides as the base for each recipe. Keto Peptides is a 100% organic, whole foods based ketogenic feeding tube formula with a 2.43:1 ketogenic ratio. I can’t recommend this product enough if you have tube feeding or puree oral feeding needs!

Poliquin Group

If you are interested in a keto lifestyle and not here for medically supervised ketogenic therapies, you will find my recipes in “The Keto Diet Handbook” helpful! There are about 2 weeks worth of low ratio recipes to help you on your fitness journey. A portion of the proceeds go to the Charlie Foundation!

KetoVie Café

KetoVie Café is a family of low-carbohydrate convenient ketogenic friendly foods which may be incorporated into the daily meals and snacks of individuals following the spectrum of ketogenic diets. I created the recipes for several of their products including, Cinnamon Donut Delights, Cheddar Dough, Pizza Petites, and more!

Keto M+

More information coming in 2021! KetoM+ is an exciting start up company founded by one of my best keto mom friends, Sybille Kraft Bellamy. The website is in French, English will be available soon. I’m excited for the keto world to find out about this! Sybille developed KetoM+ for her 19 year old son, Max who lives with Angelman Syndrome. KetoM+ will provide significant nutritional benefit to medically fragile and highly sensitive individuals.

Private Consulting

I am available for private consulting on a wide range of projects. I have experience in keto recipe development for both personal needs and commercial development. I photograph all my recipes and do not use deceptive food styling techniques. What you see is what you get! I regularly attend epilepsy related conferences and I love doing cooking demonstrations. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I also participated in a variety of virtual webinars and conferences. KetoCook is not just a blog, but also my business name. Please contact me if you have a project in mind.



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