Black & Blue Patty in a Classic Keto Meal Format

This is not so much a recipe as it is just a combination of ingredients.  I wanted to post this meal because it demonstrates how the majority of Charlottes dinners are made, as well as how simple meals can be.  This meal also represents a classic keto meal: it includes fat from oil, cream & butter, a simple protein and a small amount of carbohydrate all made from whole foods (the food, not the store).  I have said it over and over, but I ALWAYS recommend teaching your keto kid how to take oil like a medicine from a syringe (or drink straight from a shot glass).  It makes meals much less greasy, eliminates the need to create all-in-one meals that hide large quantities of fat, and it maximizes the amount of actual food per meal if the majority of the fat comes from oil rather than cream, nuts, cream cheese, olives, and other fat sources which all contain small amounts of protein and carbohydrate.  They may not like it at first, but start slow with just a few grams and work up to where your child is comfortable.  For us, I can count on up to 2 10g syringes per meal.  One before she eats, one after.  Sometimes, this is the only fat needed for the meal and her food contains little to no fat incorporated into it. Do you use this method?  Let me know if it works for you or not!

289 Calories

3.52:1 Ratio


17g 85% ground beef, cooked

10g butter

14g raw onion, diced small

5g blue cheese, crumbled

17g 40% heavy cream

10g coconut oil, served in syringe


Form a small beef patty by estimating how much the beef will weigh after cooking (You get better at this the longer you do it!)  For 17g of cooked beef, I make a patty out of a golf ball size chunk of raw meat.  This usually turns out to be a little more than needed, so I shave off the meat from the bottom of the patty to get the correct measurement (and still keep the patty shape).  Season the raw patty with salt and pepper.  Grill or pan fry the patty with no additional fat, you can use spray oil if needed.

Place the cooked, weighed patty on a small serving dish.  Sauté the onions in the butter in a small non-stick pan.  Scrape all the onions and butter onto the top of the hamburger patty.  Sprinkle with the blue cheese crumbles.

Mix the cream with water and stevia flavor to make “milk” and serve the 10g of coconut oil on the side in a syringe.


  1. We do a lot of that sort of thing around her, especially since we’re up to the 4:1 ratio now. I take a bowl of coconut oil and stir in some vanilla and stevia. Most of our meals involve some of this coconut oil “candy” served on the side which she will eat off of a spoon. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  2. I’m an adult on the diet, and rather than drink oil from syringe I incorporate butter, cream, and sometimes MCT oil into decaff coffee or tea, blending it until a frothy head of cream develops. I now drink this with almost any meal, as I have a several easy meals I make that don’t incorporate as much as fat and I haven’t had time to develop more meals. This idea is a variation on Tibetan butter tea, and also is used as “Bulletproof Coffee,” see his website. I believe butter and cream can be warmed and served with a little cocoa and coconut oil as a possibly more kid-friendly way, for those kids not ready for the syringe method. My daughter is not on the ketogenic diet but does like licorice tea, there are probably other noncaffeinated teas that would be kid-friendly as well. Thanks for all the work you do!

    • I have seen the “bulletproof coffee” recipes and I may try to do a post on similar methods that are more kid friendly! Thank you so much for sharing your tips 😉

  3. Hi Dawn, I would just like to say I absolutely love your posts, practical, awesome photography and things I find really useful. I have just started the ketogenic diet, dairy free late in june this year and have found it so hard! Your posts are lovely to read. I started my own blog and feel it has such a long way to go! Thank you thank you!

  4. Hi! I love the recipes you put on here. You must have a lot of patience 🙂 We also feed our son (Aaden age 3) oil from a syringe. It made me kind of grossed out the first time we did it, but he doesn’t mind it all and usually asks for his oil….I would also recommend using this method at times.

    thanks again!!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! Taking a large swig of oil can be a “mind over matter” type situation for adults. Often, the kids don’t mind it so much at all!

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