Clara’s Lunch Box for School (Pinwheel Sandwich)

Approximate Ratio 2:1

Calories 277
Clara is on 2:1 ratio currently, so I’ll post some examples of what she takes to her school to help you come up with ideas.  Even though these are 2:1, when Clara was on 3:1, I just added chocolate “milk” as her drink instead of water.


For Pinwheel:
1/2 (14g) Missions carb balance tortilla in whole wheat – size small
1T (13g) Mayonaise
5 leaves (4g) Baby Spinach
1 (18g) Ham
1/2 (12g) sliced cheddar cheese
For berries:
1.5oz (42g) berries
2T (30g) sour cream
1t (6g) Walden Farms sugar free chocolate syrup

Directions for Pinwheels

Very simple.  Spread 1/2 of mayonnaise  all over the tortilla.  Spread spinach and ham.  Spread rest of the mayonnaise and top it with the cheese.  Roll the tortilla tight, making sure all the ingredients are staying in place.  Cut it into four portions.

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  1. This whole meal is 2:1 and only 277 calories!! This is awesome! Gives me such great ideas for my daughter! We have been doing this diet for over 7 months now and I am researching some new and interesting meal ideas for her when she goes into grade 2!! Thanks so much!

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