spam musubi

Approximate ratio 2:1

Calories 395

ok… this is not the healthiest thing to be giving to your child, but i love spam musubi and it is very quick to prepare, so i do make it for clara once in a while if i don’t have much time or haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while…  for rest of the family, I make it the same but with brown rice instead of tofu.


2oz (56g) spam

3oz (85g) tofu

2t canola oil for grilling

1T (13g) mayo

1/4t sesame seed, crushed

1/4 sheet (1g) nori



Cut spam into 6 rectangles.  Grill in a pan with 1t of canola oil.  Set aside to cool.

Cut tofu as same size as spam.  Grill in a pan with 1t of canola oil.  Set aside to cool.

mix mayonnaise with sesame seed.

To assemble, take a piece of tofu, and spread mayonnaise mix on top.  Top it with a spam piece.  Use nori to wrap it around.  Secure with little bit of mayonnaise.  Repeat for remaining 5.

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