Ben (Updated)

Ben is my keto hero!  He’s been on the diet since November 2011 after receiving a diagnosis of Doose Syndrome earlier that year.
I remember one of the first times I took him to the grocery store after starting the diet we had to go down the “chip” aisle to find some macadamia nuts.  He saw the familiar red bag of Doritos and he grabbed them and asked, “Are these on my list?” I said, “no, they aren’t…” But before I could say anything else he said, “Well, then I’m not going to look at them!” and he turned his head the other way.
I’ve never seen such determination or will power in someone so young.  Every day is not easy, but I love his positive outlook.  I love how my son can do hard things.  I learn from him everyday.
I love my keto kid!
This picture is of him holding a giant bag of one of his favorite treats – macadamia nuts!
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Submitted by Ben’s mom, Laurie

Update… 4/28/13

Ben Updated

Ben is now off the diet AND seizure fee!!! You can read about it HERE. CONGRATULATIONS Ben!


  1. wow this is so inspiring!! My son is 3 and was just diagnosed with doose syndrome 6 months ago, after trying numerous drugs we are going to start the ketogenic diet. Congratulations on your son being seizure free I pray my son has the same response to the diet!

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