Ice Shaver

Last weekend we had our community yard sale…. I found this for $2.00, so I grabbed it with very low expectations.

This particular one is from Japan, I could not find the exact one after searching for it on-line.  I was familiar with the old Snoopy Sno-Cone  machine which takes a tremendous amount of effort to get just a little bit of shaved ice from, however this particular ice shaver is completely different…

You make ice in these cups, I have two…

Put the ice block in here…

Then put the lid on…

2 Minutes Later you have this…

Anyone with a keto kid can tell you a picture like this is worth a thousand words…  All of the kids loved the shaved ice, even the non-keto kids!

After searching for this same model on-line, I came up with nothing.  I don’t think this was ever sold in the US.  I found a few that look very similar…

This one from Japan I think would be the most similar to mine.  This one looks like another good option.  Here is a link to the All Things Keto page with cups, straws, ect…

I saw the Jelly Belly model in Bed Bath and Beyond, it got terrible reviews on Amazon though, so did the Back To Basics one which looks like the same one as the Jelly Belly.  If you buy one of theses ice shavers, or have one already, please let me know how it works!  I don’t want to recommend something that is a pain to operate!  Use the comment section below to share information and other recommendations.  If anyone has an electric model that works well, let me know!

The ice shaver is not limed to ice!  You could freeze any beverage, even one with cream and shave it.  Each cup holds about 210 grams of liquid.  You do not have to fill the whole cup to use it.  I think some ice cream recipes would work very well in here.  I’ll let you know when I try that!

For now, I’m just using this as a fun way to get extra fluids in during the summer.  I just used water with 3 drops of flavored stevia, and as you can see the kids thought it was great!

I hope this brings the same enjoyment to others as it did for us!



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One Comment on “Ice Shaver”

  1. Tracie Anderson
    May 8, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    we do the same thing for my son Nicky.. When he sees his brothers eating ice pops we do that n we mix kool aid in water and pour it over the top..

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