Tortilla Chips with Hummus

Ratio approximately 3:1 for chips after accounting for loss of oil (up to 10g oil loss)

Ratio for Hummus is 4:1 (this is only using the hummus brand specified)

Approximate Calories (170 for the chips, 150 for Hummus)

Our family prefer these chips over store bought pita chips.  We use them with various dips… we even make bigger strips and take them to restaurants in case Clara wants to order crab artichoke dip or pizza.  With pizza, I just scoop up the cheese and sauce part and lay it on top of the chip… it actually is pretty good.

Tortilla Chips:

1 (28g) low carb tortilla (Mission whole wheat carb balance – small)

2T (28g) olive oil

pinch sea salt

cut tortilla into small strips.  drizzle with olive oil and mix well to coat the tortilla.  sprinkle sea salt.  line parchment paper on baking sheet and layout the tortilla without overlapping.

bake in oven at 320 for 8 minutes (or until crisp).

Hummus Dip:

1T (15g) hummus (Haig’s Baba Ghannouge is only 1/2g net carb)

1T (14g) oilve oil


  1. These are great! My one concern is that there is so much oil left in the pan after baking. Am I doing something wrong? I’m worried that the ratio will be much less than 4:1 with the loss of oil.

    • The actual ratio works out to be close to 5:1, but the reason I wrote 4:1 is to accommodate for some loss of oil. make sure you are coating the tortilla pieces thoroughly front and back, and after baking, let it sit on the same pan for the extra oil to get absorbed again. I usually have all the pieces right next to each other, not overlapping but no space in between the pieces, and maybe that is helping with oil loss? I do that since i use toaster oven and the pan i use is very small. There should be about 4g of oil left, which should make the ratio to be 4:1. However, since the amount of oil left will not be exactly the same each time, so I put approximate ratio. To be conservative, I will change the ratio to 3:1. Please serve with extra oil mixed in with the hummus to make the ratio work for you.

  2. Thank you! I just served this with some ‘taco meat’ and it was a hit! When my little guy saw me put the tortillas in the cart for him, he couldn’t stop giggling with excitement. This was the first new thing I have gotten him to try without tears. Thank you!!!!

    • I’m so glad he liked it! Clara eats this every day… many variations… with hummus, as taco shell, with cream cheese, with cream cheese and smoked salmon, etc. just remember to check with your dietitian to make sure you are ok to use this tortilla. net carb is only 3g, but i heard some dietitians do not go by net carb…

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