Nico 8, has been on the 4:1 keto diet since September 2011. He was diagnosed that year with GLUT-1DS. His symptoms included daily seizures, difficulty walking, talking, and learning.

On day 2 of the diet the seizures stopped. On day 3 no more wheelchair! In a matter of weeks, his speech became much clearer and he began to read and write. His teachers were amazed!

Nico’s smile is contagious! He loves to make me laugh! He likes to help me make his meals and he feels so proud of his new abilities. He knows the diet is what gave them back.

Last year he competed in cross country running, a feat I could only dream of. He ran in every race, finishing last, but finishing proud!!!


Keto Hero is a place where kids can be encouraged and caregivers can see how resilient keto kids are while being treated with the ketogenic diet.  Please send in pictures of your keto hero and tell us why you are proud of them!  E-mail to:


  1. I am so happy for Nico! He smile definitely is contagious. Keep up the amazing job! My son was recently diagnosed with Glut-1 DS so it puts me at ease seeing Nico doing so well.

  2. What a handsome boy! Congratulations on your success with the ketogenic diet! It certainly takes hard work and dedication, but it is so worth it as shown by the progress of Nico! So happy for you guys! Hugs from our keto family to yours : )

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