Ben Z

Ben is my keto hero.  He never complains about his “magic food” and is always excited when I ask him if he wants to try new things, so I’m always looking for inspiration on new foods and recipes to keep him interested and happy with his diet!  He never gets sad or whines about missing out on things.  I think it’s harder on me and his dad than it is on him – sometimes we wish we could take him for ice cream, or a pizza, or just not have to pack the darn calculator – but we know it is for the best, for his health and his seizure freedom — that we do this diet!

I’ve attached a couple of recent pics here – face painting on the 4th of July, and a picture of him at his birthday party on a climbing wall – I never in a million years would have thought at this time last year that we’d have a birthday party for him at a climbing gym based on where he was with seizures!  Also a cute pic of he and his dad.

Keto Hero is a place where kids can be encouraged and caregivers can see how resilient keto kids are while being treated with the ketogenic diet.  Please send in pictures of your keto hero and tell us why you are proud of them!  E-mail to:

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