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Epilepsy & The Ketogenic Diet at School

Lots of info on what your child is entitled to at school.


The ketogenic diet from a child’s perspective…

Grace’s Magic Diet

This is a view of the diet from a child’s perspective that was successfully treated with the ketogenic diet at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2004. (Source)

I printed this out to read to Charlotte.  She really enjoyed looking at the drawings!


Gordy and The Magic Diet



​Gordy and the Magic Diet is a triumphant story of one boy’s journey initiating a restrictive diet so that he can be like other children—happy and healthy. In the story, Gordy thinks he has a monster living inside him. His “monster” symbolizes the negative behavioral, physical, and emotional reactions the he experiences in response to certain foods. With the encouragement of his doctor, Gordy starts a special diet—a “Magic” Diet–in hopes of quieting his monster. Gordy learns how to have courage and willpower as he chooses to eat foods that help him feel great. Will the magic be enough?  Will Gordy prove victorious?  Read Gordy and the Magic Diet to find out!

Click here to order your copy!


List(s) of Carbohydrates in Medication

American Academy of Pediatrics



Keeping Track of Things….

Keeping records of seizure activity and type, blood sugars and possibly even blood ketone levels will help your medical team have an accurate assessment of your child.  Valuable information for maintaining and modifying the diet can be found in these numbers.  It is up to you to be vigilant about keeping good records to provide the most detailed status of your childs epilepsy and dietary treatment.

However you choose to track your data, make sure you have it up to date and in a format that it can be shared with your medical team!


Seizure Tracker Online Version

Seizure Tracker I Phone Version

Seizure Tracker Printable Logs

Tracking Seizures is an important!  The mobile app even lets you upload a video (of a seizure) to the tracker.


Blood Sugars

Blood Sugar Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

I really like this tracker, I think it is easy to use.  I usually sit down once a week and add data.

Blood Sugar App for I Phone

I have not tried this one, but it looks helpful if you like having things compiled on your I phone.

Printable Blood Sugar Log from Accu-Chek

Old fashion pen and paper log, sometimes is the easiest and quickest way to get the info recorded.

Printable Blood Sugar Log




I love this site.  It shows a picture of most of the medications (some generics don’t show up) and allows you to print a daily check list.  It is highly customizable and will even send you reminders to take or refill your medications.

*the app version does not get good reviews, I have not tried it myself either.  We mainly use the printouts. They are very helpful for school nurses and babysitters (grandparents too!)


Guide for Omega-3’s

Printable PDF Omega-3 Information


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