Life with epilepsy brings many challenges.  On this page you will find various types of equipment that may provide a solution to a frustrating aspect of dealing with epilepsy.  You would sometimes be surprised that there is a simple solution to a problem that can greatly improve the quality of life for both parents and kids.  Some insurance companies may cover the cost of some of these items under durable medical equipment or adaptive equipment.  My theory is; it never hurts to ask!

If you have a piece of equipment that has helped you or your child, and is not commonly recommended or known about, please let us know!  Send an e-mail to

Order your scale from the Charlie Foundation

Print this order form and fax or mail it back to BethZupec-Kania at the Charlie Foundation.  You can order the scale, spatula and updated ketogenic guidebook (highly recommended).

Click the blue link to open a PDF file.  Print the form and fill it out.  Fax to 262-754-1369 .

Order Form 2012 PDF

Order Form 2012-3

Emfit Movement Monitor

The emit Movement Monitor is designed to be placed under a mattress and detect seizure activity (physical movement) and/or the absence of movement including heart beat and breathing.  It is important to remember this does not guarantee it will alert caregivers of seizure activity, but rather helps provide and extra layer of proactive monitoring during sleep.

Seizure Safety Placemat

Many parents have experienced the horror of watching their kids heads hit a table due to seizure activity.  This placemat is designed by a family who has lived through the same horrible seizures with their son and was inspired to invent a product to help protect him and many other’s from sustaining injuries while sitting at a table.

Weehoo Bike Trailer

This is such a fun bike trailer!  Bike riding and epilepsy do not always go well together and options beyond the baby years are limited.  This trailer provides a safe bike riding opportunity for kids aged approximately 2-9 years (or 38-52 inches in height with a max weight of 65lbs.) Features include petals with an independent, enclosed chain with foot safety straps, a 3 point harness, adjustable seat to accommodate individual height, and plenty of storage.

RPCM Cool Vest

Over heating is a common trigger for seizures.  A phase change cooling vest is designed to absorb the heat from the core of the body and keep the body temperature cooler.  The cooling packs can be easily re-charged in ice water in as little as 20 minutes.  This will not “sweat” like ice packs causing wet clothing.  Although it feels and looks like ice, it is safe to wear directly on skin or over a tee-shirt and maintains a temperature of 59 degrees for up to 2 1/2 hours.  The children’s size will fit kids 30 – 90 pounds and weighs just under 3 pounds.

I personally own this vest for Charlotte who has a very strong heat sensitivity as a seizure trigger.  While a 75 degree day may feel perfectly comfortable to me, she is already beginning to over heat.  We have had too many seizures due to heat and I have found it beyond frustrating to be stuck inside (in the air conditioning) on a beautiful day.  We have found this vest to work very well for her.  It seems to keep her at an ideal body temperature without getting her too cold. This company will offer a “medical” discount, you have to call and ask.

Medical Alert Labels, Bracelets, & Stickers

Name Bubbles

This company provides a dishwasher safe labels for lunch bags, zippy cups or thermoses that can be customized with your child’s name and medical condition.  You can choose the “Medical Alert” or “Important” label and write “Epilepsy / Ketogenic Diet –  DO NOT give me any food or beverages!!” in the customization lines.

My Precious Kid

This site has many products ranging from medical alert stickers and bracelets to household safety proofing products.

Special Needs Stroller

Did you know that Baby Jogger has a “Special Needs” product  line?  These strollers are larger than a typical stroller and can accommodate kids up to 100 pounds who may benefit from the use of a stroller but don’t quite meet the requirements for a wheel chair.  There are other models available as well as accessories, including a cooler that mounts on the bottom of the stroller.  This would be worth your time to see if insurance would cover the cost, it is almost $900!!

Fillable Juice Pouches

Bevi Bags

These are empty juice pouches that can be filled with your choice of liquid.  Pre-measured heavy cream or even liquid that need to be thickened.  I use these when traveling to ensure that Charlotte is drinking enough water.  I use this juice pouch holder to help prevent spills!


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