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You can find the complete recipe in The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe section.

Seal_approval_KD_smallThere is definitely some *news* to catch up with! First item- The Charlie Foundation has completely rebuilt their entire website.  The new site is beautiful, filled with new information and reflects the ever changing world of ketogenic diet therapy.  A lot has changed in regards to ketogenic diets, especially in the area of disorders it is successfully treating, in just the past few years.  It has been so exciting to see how widely accepted the diet has become!

Second item- A huge new feature on The Charlie Foundation site is the addition of recipe and technique videos featuring Beth Zupec-Kania,RD and myself.  We were able to quickly get ourselves organized and film a total of 13 videos (not to mention, having no prior experience) in one 12-hour day at Tastemade Studios in Santa Monica.  Talk about a LOT of work! Honestly, it was hard! I have a new appreciation for people who can film cooking shows… who knew how hard it could be to look at a camera (NOT the camera man), cook neatly, remember your recipe, speak clearly (and not forget words for common items) AND smile all at the same time!  Anyhow, editing does miracles and the videos turned out very well! The staff & crew at Tastemade did a great job helping and working with us novices 😉 Please go visit them on the CF web-site.  There is the possibility of more videos in the future.. when you watch them, please (kindly) let us know what could be done differently in the future. Were steps explained clearly enough? Would you prefer to see ingredients weighed in “real time”? Are there specific recipes you would like to see a video tutorial of? Were they good as is?! Please share in the comments section below this post.

Third and last item- I am officially in the process of writing cookbook #2! The first book I wrote with Laura Cramp, RD was entirely devoted to ketogenic recipes at a 4:1 ratio, and geared towards the pediatric epilepsy  population.  I have had the honor and opportunity to hear from, speak with and even meet many of the families who have used the book to start their keto journeys.  I am always so glad to hear about how it has helped them and given them the courage and vision to start the diet.  Over time, a funny thing began to happen, (refer to the comments on Amazon for fun) other groups of people began finding and buying the book, they were and remain confused about the recipes, and even more specifically about the very high fat 4:1 ratio. Of course they leave negative comments! It became clear that there is a significant population of people, mostly adults, who are turning to the ketogenic diet to treat cancers and many other health problems and are out there looking for support and resources. While my current book, The Keto Cookbook, is not at all geared towards this population, the NEXT book will be.  It will include at least 100 recipes all at the 2:1 ratio or below and I sincerely hope it will prove to be helpful!  Demos Health is the publisher again, I thank them greatly for another opportunity! I am excited with LOTS of work ahead of me! One last tidbit, we are moving back east again… we will embark upon a 3-week cross-country camping trip in mid-July with both kids (one on keto) in a 16ft camper…Exciting or insane? We’ll find out!  I hope to be able to share this experience in terms of traveling, cooking & eating while on keto!

Now onto the recipe… Smooth, homemade peanut butter, no mystery ingredients and at a 1.5:1 ratio on its own.  Best of all, you don’t have to stir a jar of separated peanuts and peanut oil!   Cheap & easy to make, you can even use coconut oil if you are trying to find ways to sneak more of it in.  The shortening used is Spectrum Organic, please stick to this brand for calculation purposes.  You can also use a combination of both fats if the coconut taste is too strong for you.  This will be added as a “food item” to the ketocalculator very soon.  Hope you enjoy!

So head on over to the Charlie Foundation to get this recipe and many more.  Don’t forget to follow The Charlie Foundation on Facebook  for up to the minute information!

The Charlie Foundation’s ketogenic diet recipe page

Peanut Butter


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